FIX IT: No ex­cuse for ad­min er­rors that end in fines


READ­ERS had lit­tle time for de­part­men­tal ad­min­is­tra­tive er­rors, fol­low­ing the case of truck driver Steve Mur­ray de­tailed in the last edi­tion.

Steve had $2500 taken from his bank ac­count, the end re­sult of a three-year-old court sum­mons he never re­ceived.

Nigel R: So us truck­ies are subject to fines for as mi­nor mis­take such as spell­ing yet alone a lo­ca­tion or ad­dress en­try could be worse. But this gov­ern­ment de­part­ment makes a huge er­ror and guess what no fine.

If we are subject to fines for mak­ing mis­takes, why aren’t the very peo­ple en­forc­ing them sub­jected to the same fines for theirs?

Mary R: Gotta love when THEY make a mis­take and then fine YOU for it... on top of nor­mal in­fringe­ment and un­less you’re lucky enough to fig­ure out be­fore the due date you can’t get the fine off... Surely there are more ways to rev­enue raise

Den­zil C: I got the same thing from NSW but my fine dated back to 1990 and its $8750 I had no idea about it cause I’ve moved around a bit. I fi­nally got the let­ter 4 months ago and yes noth­ing I could do about it.

Mick J: In Qld if they can’t get your money they sus­pend your driv­ers li­cence!

Oh and they don’t tell you either!

My brother had it hap­pen and a good mate as well!

Knew noth­ing about the sus­pen­sion as they both had pay­ment plans in place for they’re re­spec­tive fines!

Daniel S: I, feel for the in­dus­try and the un­nec­es­sary rev­enue stolen from hard work­ing driv­ers in the name of safety.

MIS­TAKEN IDEN­TITY: Driver Steve Mur­ray’s orig­i­nal fine was never de­liv­ered due to an ad­min­is­tra­tive er­ror.

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