Matt Howe


“I RECKON this is a re­ally top out­fit to work for,” Matt Howe from Delo­raine said one grey af­ter­noon, as he took the time to catch up with Big Rigs. “As well as be­ing nice and handy be­ing a lo­cal mob.” We hap­pened upon Matt at Mood Food on the Mid­land High­way when he stopped off for a re­fresh­ment break re­cently.

He was driv­ing a High­land Haulage 1997 Aero­max with an N-14 Cum­mins up front.

Matt was tow­ing a well adorned tri-axle drop deck trailer with a load of gen­eral freight on his way back from Ho­bart to the de­pot at Delo­raine. A pre­dom­i­nantly ru­ral farm­ing town, 50km south of Devon­port. Then he would load up again and then knock off for the day. “Well I have been here with them for five years now, and it’s just a great job,” he said with a smile.

“I run pretty well statewide, but don’t get to do the Main­land runs. I’ve been on the road now for seven good years and still love it. No re­grets at all, es­pe­cially on a nice day like this.”

Well this is Tas­ma­nia, so it was no surprise that he en­joys camp­ing and fish­ing and tak­ing it easy on his time off.

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