Should car­a­van driv­ers have to hold a spe­cial li­cence?


THE SUN is set­ting later and the heat seems to sting that lit­tle bit more dur­ing the day, that’s right, sum­mer is just around the corner.

For every driver that means more car­a­vans on the road and pos­si­bly a higher risk of in­ci­dents.

Read­ers shared their thoughts on ap­pro­pri­ate man­age­ment.

Kevin M: Just needs a li­cence put in place to tow any­thing over a 6 x 4 trailer.

Also would be good to have car­a­van weigh­bridges and check­ing sta­tions in as many places as truck in­spec­tion sta­tions.

Also a com­pul­sory 12 months in­spec­tion, the same as trucks with brake rollers, the works.

Col W: I’m a truck driver and a car­a­van­ner, I agree there should be a spe­cial li­cence as a lot don’t get a car­a­van un­til they re­tire.

Prob­a­bly only drove down to the pub on Fri­day night be­fore that!

Can’t back into a car­a­van park site, loaded wrong and can’t use mir­rors cor­rectly.

A li­cence and a bit of train­ing wouldn’t do any harm!

Dar­ren M: Yep ... they putt along at 75-85, don’t care how much traf­fic is pil­ing up be­hind them.

Drive past places they can pull into to let oth­ers by.

Then tell you to just sit back and re­lax when you call them up to let them know the cour­te­ous thing to do ... they have aaal­l­lll day.

They aren’t on log books.

Put them all on log books and watch their at­ti­tude change.

They don’t care if you have to spend 10 hours in the bunker two hours from home!

Ross P: I do both, some trucks are also a men­ace on the road.

Most prob­lems are caused by mo­rons in cars not over­tak­ing then the poor ole truckie has to try and pass both.

Nic S: Crap from a load of ig­no­rant driv­ers.

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