Driv­ers de­mands rock throw­ers take their own medicine


IT IS the scourge that has im­pacted on driv­ers across re­gional NSW and Queens­land for years.

Rock throw­ing has had a come­back in Moree over the last few months, with a num­ber of trucks leav­ing the town worse for wear.

In short, truck­ies are sick of be­ing used for tar­get-throw­ing prac­tice.

Jason P: We are pun­ished and scru­ti­nised time af­ter time to be safe and within the law. Isn’t it about time we de­mand the same treat­ment in re­turn? Wouldn’t it be a shame if ser­vices stopped to th­ese towns un­til our safety was guar­an­teed?

John E: Un­til the judges start hand­ing out pun­ish­ment to fit the crime th­ese im­be­ciles will keep do­ing it. Sick of soft jus­tice.

Roger J: I have use­less louts around where I live too, es­pe­cially dur­ing school hol­i­days. Any­thing on wheels that moves is “tar­get prac­tice”.

Bloody stupid tourists’ kids stay­ing at a house near me were tar­get­ing any­thing that drove along the street, then scored a hit on a cop’s car, that cured them for some rea­son!

Chris E: The politicians and le­gal sys­tem let us down con­tin­u­ally.

Can’t rely on them to do any­thing for us if there’s noth­ing in it for them.

Then all hell will break loose when driv­ers start tak­ing mat­ters into their own hands be­cause they are sick and tired of wait­ing for pos­i­tive ac­tion.

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