Drivers ques­tion who is the NHVR?


I LIKE to think I’m on top of things and have half a clue what’s hap­pen­ing in the in­dus­try.

Usu­ally it’s a case of the names chang­ing but the game re­main­ing the same.

It came as a sur­prise to me to­day when I was told that the NHVR isn’t a govern­ment or­gan­i­sa­tion.

Was this com­mon knowl­edge?

Who’s be­hind this crowd?

How does a pri­vate com­pany get law en­force­ment power? Is this even right? I got pulled up for a ran­dom check last week.

I had to wait while they spent 20 min­utes key­ing all my de­tails into their lap­top.

I’m told all the states that are part of the NHVR will be or are talk­ing to each other. Big brother writ large! I think it’s very nearly time to move to WA and not come back! — Mike W

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