Perth dash cam footage shows car cut­ting in front of truck


A DRIVER of a car in Perth found out the hard way that trucks just can’t stop in the mid­dle of the road.

Footage posted to Dash Cam Own­ers Aus­tralia from Perth’s Worst Driv­ers showed a car cut­ting in front of a truck, which hav­ing nowhere to go, ploughed into the back of an­other car.

Big Rigs read­ers em­pathised with the driver of the truck.

Tracey McDer­mid:

“Ar­ro­gant car driver just stop­ping in the mid­dle of the road, why, I won­der how many times they do this and how many times a car is rammed.

“It takes a lot of me­tres for a truck to pull up es­pe­cially when loaded.

“See a lot of ar­ro­gant driv­ers th­ese days.”

David Tay­lor:

“Un­be­liev­able!! This is one of the rea­sons why I’m over driv­ing trucks with un­e­d­u­cated peo­ple that drive cars, se­ri­ously th­ese sort of ma­noeu­vres seem to be more and more fre­quent th­ese days.”

Paula Gin­gell: “Bloody me­ol­o­gist car driver they don’t re­al­ize what it takes for a truck loaded or not to slow down or stop les­son learned the hard way keep up the good work all the truck­ers out there.”

Paul Finn: “Any­one who cuts in front of a heavy ve­hi­cle or any ve­hi­cle for that mat­ter and causes a ac­ci­dent should lose their li­cence for two years, re­gard­less of what brain dead rea­son they give for do­ing so.

“And a per­ma­nent li­cence loss if they cause the death of some­one by do­ing so might make peo­ple drive with a heap more care.”


DAN­GER­OUS: Dash cam footage of a car cut­ting in front of a truck in Perth.

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