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I should know, I was mak­ing and sell­ing th­ese for close to 10 years.

But they have one big flaw: they are not re­sis­tant to oil.

It’s eas­ily ex­plained. What hap­pens to rub­ber mat­ting when oil gets onto it, it turns soft.

Same with the seals, then the heat dries the seals out, cause them to crack and then they leak too.

Re­fur­bished CAC’s

This is a com­mon prac­tice where they take your old CAC and ei­ther sell you one with a new core or weld a core into your ex­ist­ing end tanks.

Ei­ther way, what you have is old end tanks with a new core.

Now de­pend­ing on the core de­pends on the life/ prob­lems you can ex­pect.

One thing is cer­tain though, with old end tanks you have heat/flex­ing stress in th­ese that can cause brack­ets, spouts and even the tanks to fail.

New plate and bar CAC’s

Th­ese cool­ers are gain­ing mo­men­tum now as they use the same core de­sign as high pres­sure CAC’s and oil cool­ers that you see in in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions.

In in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions they can be run­ning up to 300psi.

That’s over 10 times the pres­sure in a nor­mal prime mover.

Yes they are slightly heav­ier how­ever their strength against heat and crack­ing is above all the oth­ers avail­able.

Should you have a turbo fail­ure or a leak­ing seal the oil can be cleaned out quickly and doesn’t mean a new cooler is needed along with the turbo etc you al­ready have to re­place.

A-one charge air cool­ers are able to test your CAC in your truck, has the abil­ity ser­vic­ing your ex­ist­ing CAC or sup­ply you a new CAC from their full stock of all new plate and bar CAC’s avail­able around the coun­try.


is hard to tell if yours is leak­ing or not as it won’t leave oil or wa­ter stain on the ground when you pull up.

— Paul Stir­ton

GET IT CHECKED: It’s hard to tell if your charge air cooler is leak­ing or not be­cause it doesn’t leave a stain.

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