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I AM writ­ing to ask if you think prime movers will be re­moved from the ve­hi­cle over­all length limit of heavy com­bi­na­tion or mul­ti­ple com­bi­na­tion ve­hi­cles.

All in a ef­fort to al­low truck driver’s more com­fort­able and spa­cious sleep­ing room in the sleeper cab of his or her truck.

As trail­ers are get­ting big­ger and trucks get­ting smaller, due to the need to carry more freight to re­main com­pet­i­tive in the trans­port in­dus­try, I feel a lot of this could re­late to driver fa­tigue.

Driv­ers may not be get­ting a qual­ity rest in their truck, as a re­sult of the sleep­ing com­part­ment be­ing made smaller to al­low for big­ger trail­ers.

I’d like to see prime movers re­moved from the over­all ve­hi­cle length limit of heavy com­bi­na­tion and mul­ti­ple com­bi­na­tion ve­hi­cles.

In­stead in­tro­duce a max­i­mum trailer com­bi­na­tion length which would al­low for a prime mover that is de­signed to haul trail­ers and not carry a load.

Not in­clud­ing truck and dog types, the prime mover must not carry any freight, the sole pur­pose of this would be to al­low prime movers to have big­ger sleeper cabs without af­fect­ing their abil­ity to carry the same quan­tity of freight as their com­peti­tors.

I un­der­stand not ev­ery op­er­a­tor would re­quire the use of this abil­ity, but it would be fair to ev­ery­one if the op­tion was avail­able.

In the in­stance of Syd­ney to Mel­bourne with a 36pal­let B-dou­ble, you might not need any­thing more than a day cab prime mover.

But if you wanted to take that same 36-pal­let B-dou­ble from Mel­bourne to Perth, it would be a lot more com­fort­able for the driver (who will have mul­ti­ple sleeps in the truck) if they could en­joy sleep­ing in a truck with a larger sleep­ing cab that might fa­cil­i­tate ad­di­tional com­forts like a place to pre­pare a meal.

Even go­ing as far as to have a shower in­side the sleeper would re­move the need to push on to the next truck stop just to have a meal and a shower be­fore bed when a driver is be­gin­ning to feel fa­tigued. — Dale M

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