Pi­lot driver warns oth­ers to take care with oversize loads


PI­LOT driver Chris­tine Thiel is con­cerned about the risks mo­torists and truck drivers are tak­ing when con­fronted with oversize loads.

The big­gest of those risks, says Chris­tine, is ig­nor­ing them, not see­ing them or challenging the wide loads.

■ Rick Depi­lot: With the amount of oversize move­ments in Aus­tralia one would think it would be a part of the learner’s the­ory ques­tions, but not one ques­tion in Queens­land and not spo­ken about while with driver trainer or trans­port tester. My friends 17 yr old got his p plates last week.

■ Sean Tex James: Think a lot comes down to if there was bet­ter wider roads for ev­ery­one to share it would make it a lot eas­ier! And 90% of pi­lots do a fan­tas­tic job but some guys need to re­mem­ber how much it takes to slow a road train and step

out in front of the oversize a bit more. ■ Robert Din­nage: Un­for­tu­nately there are drivers out there that don’t care or have the men­tal­ity of I’m not slow­ing down for that cos it might make them ten min­utes late. Be safe out there.

■ Dar­ren Todd: Pi­lots have a lot to an­swer for some­times, they don’t call you up and tell you what size or any­thing they just drive along with there flash­ing lights on, no talk on ra­dio, last week com­ing across the Sturt Hwy one pi­lot called up on ra­dio out of 3 wide loads go­ing across in 70 odd km.


Pi­lot drivers warn about risks.

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