Get­ting down and dirty

Big Rigs - - COLUMN - — Take care of you Kermie (95kg)

down to the lo­cal me­chanic whom I’ve only met a cou­ple of times to beg, bor­row or steal.

Gen­er­ously, he said to take what we need and re­turn it af­ter the week­end.

Get­ting the pul­leys off in quick time I sug­gested we should re­turn the puller straight away but Nick dis­agreed – wisely as it turned out.

Nick is a will­ing learner and was keen to do as much as pos­si­ble him­self un­der my guid­ance.

I showed him about mark­ing the gears against the body and the belt to en­sure that the tim­ing would be cor­rect.

We re­searched and found that we didn’t have to take off the en­gine mount to get to the wa­ter pump.

Like fa­ther-like son, we got greasy to­gether, swore to­gether and be­tween us, spent far too much wasted time try­ing to find the span­ner or socket we’d used only a minute be­fore.

I swear tools have a life of their own and love to hide!

We put it all back to­gether and fired her up and the re­sult was not quite what we ex­pected in that while the wa­ter pump sounded good, we had an al­to­gether dif­fer­ent, and just as loud a whine.

A phone call to a me­chanic mate soon told us that we had the tim­ing belt waaay to tight. So glad that we’d kept the “Pul­ley-Puller”.

This time ‘round we stripped her back, ad­justed the ten­sioner and put all back to­gether in 40 min­utes flat.

We both learnt a bit along the way and a job that took us, prob­a­bly a day and a half over­all, we could re­peat in well un­der a day now. The best part was spend­ing one-on-one time with my boy, get­ting down and dirty, swear­ing, laugh­ing and hav­ing a drink to­gether at the end of the day.

As they get older times like this be­come fewer and far­ther be­tween. They are times that I cher­ish.

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