Peter Wilkins


DRIV­ING trucks for a cir­cus has en­abled Peter Wilkins to get to see many places in Aus­tralia.

The 51-year-old Peter was be­hind the wheel of an Isuzu when we saw him in Townsville and is em­ployed by Hud­son’s Cir­cus, which is based near Ip­swich.

Hud­son’s Cir­cus was do­ing per­for­mances un­der a big tent at Townsville.

“I also drive a Volvo semi-trailer and we have been to WA and SA so the job has taken me too many places,” Peter said.

Peter said he trans­ported cir­cus gear and equip­ment and also dou­bled up as a pro­mo­tions man at var­i­ous towns.

When I saw Peter on May 20 he has driven the Isuzu in the Townsville Con­voy for Kids and was hand­ing out dis­count vouch­ers for the cir­cus at the fam­ily fun event which fol­lowed it.

“We are headed up to In­n­is­fail up the Bruce High­way af­ter we leave Townsville,” he said.

Peter rated the worst roads he trav­els on as many in the NT with dirt sur­faces.

And he couldn’t of­fer an opin­ion on rest ar­eas be­cause “he doesn’t get to stop at many”.

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