Joel Stod­dart


WHEN he gets time off, truckie Joel Stod­dart goes fish­ing in the rich wa­ters off Mag­netic Is­land which is just across the ocean from Townsville.

The 31-year-old Joel is em­ployed by Ei­ther Way So­lu­tions and was at the Con­voy For a Cure on May 20.

He drives a DAF, a Volvo and a Hino as far away as Bowen to the south and up north to Cairns and west along the Flinders High­way to Char­ters Tow­ers.

“I carry gen­eral freight and ma­chin­ery and have been a driver for six years,” he said.

Joel barracks for the North Queens­land Cow­boys in the NRL which started the sea­son down on form.

When asked the road he dis­likes trav­el­ling along, Joel had a swift re­ply.

“It would have to be the one be­tween Wood­stock and Giru al­though the road be­tween Char­ters Tow­ers and Cler­mont is rough,” he said.

Joel feels that there should be a “lot more rests ar­eas for truck­ies” around the en­tire coun­try.

Most truck­ies who fish are re­luc­tant to let oth­ers know of their se­cret spots but Joel was will­ing to pro­vide a hint.

“Around West Point on Mag­netic Is­land,” he said.

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