Enough with rogue be­hav­iour


ULMARRA res­i­dents have had a gut­ful of the de­lib­er­ate, heavy com­pres­sion brak­ing and blast­ing airhorns in the mid­dle of the night by a small num­ber of rogue truck driv­ers.

The re­sponse from truck­ies was mixed, some were em­bar­rassed by the truck­ies’ ac­tions but oth­ers were scathing of the be­hav­iour of the town’s res­i­dents. ■ Glenn Water­reus: Pretty sim­ple, stop us­ing ex­haust, Jac’s like you should in all the small towns. No­body has a ha­tred for trucks, just knobs us­ing them in the mid­dle of the night. A cou­ple make us all look like knobs.

■ Bruce Skelton: This per­son has a ha­tred of trucks. He has spot­lights blind­ing north bound driv­ers at night time, what do the ex­pect, but blast­ing air horns is not the an­swer. As for speed­ing ask high­way pa­trol com­mand how many speed­ing trucks they have booked in that town in the last 12 months. It's a beat up

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