Faster than a broom sweep

Driver safety im­proved and pro­duc­tiv­ity up with elec­tric CleenSweep tarp sys­tem


KEITH Man­u­fac­tur­ing Co in­tro­duces the new­est ad­di­tion to its line of trailer sweeps with the Elec­tric CleenSweep tarp sys­tem.

Used in con­junc­tion with a Keith Walk­ing Floor self-un­load­ing sys­tem, the CleenSweep tarp sys­tem ‘sweeps’ out the resid­ual ma­te­rial as the trailer un­loads.

It elim­i­nates the need for brooms and man­ual tarps, re­duc­ing the risk of in­juries be­cause the driver never needs to en­ter the trailer.

Pow­ered by a bat­tery-op­er­ated winch sys­tem, the CleenSweep tarp ex­tends down the in­side of the trailer, with the load rest­ing on the bot­tom of the tarp.

As the Walk­ing Floor sys­tem un­loads the trailer, the weight of the ma­te­rial pulls the tarp along the floor, clean­ing it as it goes.

Once the un­load­ing is com­pleted, the CleenSweep tarp is re­tracted at the push of a but­ton.

With the CleenSweep tarp, driver pro­duc­tiv­ity and safety in­crease be­cause driv­ers can quickly get back on the road and never need to en­ter the trailer for sweep­ing.

Us­ing the CleenSweep tarp sys­tem is up to 10 min­utes faster than sweep­ing the trailer with a broom.

Be­cause the driver does not have to en­ter the trailer to re­tract a man­ual tarp or to push a broom, the risk of knee and back in­juries is re­duced.

A clean trailer also of­fers sev­eral ben­e­fits. Pay­load cross con­tam­i­na­tion from one load to the other is min­imised when un­load­ing prod­ucts such as mulch, grain, live­stock feed, wood prod­ucts and sim­i­lar com­modi­ties.

The elec­tric ver­sion of the CleenSweep sys­tem is light­weight, tak­ing up vir­tu­ally no pay­load.

It is also easy to in­stall and op­er­ate, with the bat­tery charg­ing off the trailer’s power.

The Walk­ing Floor sys­tem serves as the floor­ing of a trailer and is a self-un­load­ing sys­tem. This ‘mov­ing floor’ un­loader com­prises a se­ries of floor slats pow­ered by a hy­draulic drive.

As the floor cy­cles through its phases, ma­te­rial is con­veyed or un­loaded.

Keith Man­u­fac­tur­ing Co has pro­vided a va­ri­ety of in­dus­tries with re­li­able and in­no­va­tive Walk­ing Floor tech­nol­ogy.

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PRO­DUC­TIV­ITY IN­CREASE: The Keith CleenSweep tarp sys­tem helps driv­ers quickly get back on the road.

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