Barry Clark


“NOT sure about be­ing pho­tographed when the truck is dirty, but it would be great to see a photo of me, my son, Barry, and grand­son Max in Big Rigs though!”

Barry Clark from Oat­lands told us just that when we ran into him on the back of Mount Welling­ton de­liv­er­ing fire­wood the other day.

We pointed out that a clean truck work­ing in the forests in a Tas­ma­nian win­ter, cut­ting, and de­liv­er­ing fire wood would be pretty un­usual.

Barry had been de­liv­er­ing a load of wood to cus­tomers in the Collinsvale area at the time and he was driv­ing his 2002 Mitsubishi four wheel drive Crew Cab Can­ter with a long body tip­per when we caught up with him in Mill Road.

“Well I find the Mitsubishi is ideal for the job,” Barry said.

“It’s big enough for my needs, and runs like clock­work, and is im­por­tantly re­li­able, and it’s a tough lit­tle truck, great out in the bush up on the Western Tiers where I work.

“There’s still a bit of snow up there at the mo­ment, and that makes life in­ter­est­ing, but she han­dles it all, no wor­ries. I am way too busy just now in fact; fire­wood keeps me flat out most years but this year the demand has out­stripped the supply.

“But soon it will warm up and then I’ll knock off and go cart­ing grain as usual. I’ve been do­ing this for so long I can hardly re­mem­ber.

“And it’s great hav­ing Barry along to lend a hand to­day and then we just picked Max, 8, up from Saint Theresa’s School in New Nor­folk, and reckon we might make a truckie out of him yet.”

Nice to see Barry so busy and happy just now, and when we asked him about time off, he laughed and said: “well main­te­nance takes care of that!”

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