Who wants to be a truck driver?

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I AM a driver and if I was look­ing for a ca­reer it most def­i­nitely wouldn’t be this.

Who wants to be in an in­dus­try where in two in­fringe­ments you can lose your li­cence and not even know you broke the law.

Log­book er­rors can cost you a week’s wage – yep, just a mis­take in your log­book.

And the me­dia, well, they do a good job of mak­ing truck driv­ers look like crim­i­nals.

In say­ing that, there are some that do need to be re­moved from the in­dus­try.

You can say ‘well, do the right thing and it won’t hap­pen’ but if truck driv­ing is so easy and clients and bosses are so easy to please and other road users are so safe, then give it a go.

But please, post when you have your first near-death ex­pe­ri­ence be­cause of some­one on the road do­ing stupid things, then tell me if it’s worth be­ing a truck driver.

I still drive trucks but no longer on the high­ways. Don’t be­come a truck driver, get a safe job with good money and no stress.

And one in which you can see your fam­ily ev­ery night, not just a cou­ple of days ev­ery few months.

Some­thing to think about any­way. — Martin Shaw

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