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Orig­i­nally, I set out writ­ing this piece on the sub­ject of how to change your life when you are feel­ing stuck in a rut. How­ever, re­cent events, along with a prompt from the editor of Aus­tralian Cus­tom Trucks, Chris Smith, led me to change the di­rec­tion of my topic. It’s not some­thing I would have thought to share in this ar­ti­cle, with­out some nudg­ing to do so, be­cause I wasn’t sure that it would make for in­ter­est­ing read­ing. This is of a rather per­sonal na­ture and it is writ­ten purely with the in­ten­tion to give you, or per­haps some­one you care about, a nudge about health and well­ness. Please don’t take the mes­sage lightly.

Late last year I de­vel­oped a nig­gling health prob­lem. I didn’t pay it much at­ten­tion and put it out of my mind, think­ing (hop­ing) that it would go away. It didn’t. For months it be­came pro­gres­sively worse un­til the pain be­came so de­bil­i­tat­ing that it prompted me to fi­nally take my­self off to see a doc­tor. Af­ter a se­ries of tests, med­i­ca­tion, a few vis­its to doc­tors and a spe­cial­ist, it be­came ap­par­ent that I needed surgery. Ad­mit­tedly, I left it longer than I should have, but who knows where I could have ended up if not for mak­ing the de­ci­sion to go and have it checked out.

Some­one close to me re­cently lost a long-time friend. He was only in his early for­ties and left be­hind his beloved wife and two young chil­dren. The news of his pass­ing en­cour­aged me to share my story with my news­let­ter read­ers, with the in­ten­tion to draw at­ten­tion to the im­por­tance of self-care and how crit­i­cal the ram­i­fi­ca­tions can be if you have some­thing wrong and you don’t do any­thing about it.

Men, in par­tic­u­lar, are known for not tak­ing the time to have reg­u­lar check­ups. Hav­ing the at­ti­tude that it’ll be right doesn’t al­ways make it so. The body that you have is the one that has to last you for the rest of your life. It is a fi­nite in­stru­ment with a use by date. One day your body will ex­hale for the last time. Your heart will cease the rhyth­mi­cal pound­ing that keeps you alive. When you think about how many years your heart has to beat to cir­cu­late your blood and how many times your lungs have to ex­pand and con­tract to pro­vide your body with oxy­gen dur­ing the course of your life, it can make you won­der what you can do to make it eas­ier. You wouldn’t ig­nore pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance on your truck, or car. Why do it to your pre­cious body?

You need to play a part in your own health and well­ness in or­der to live the best qual­ity of life that you can. Per­haps it needs to start with a visit to your doc­tor to check out a nig­gling prob­lem, or a gut feel­ing that some­thing isn’t quite right. Af­ter send­ing out the last news­let­ter I re­ceived some amaz­ing feed­back. One email was from some­one who went to the doc­tor for a pre­scrip­tion re­newal and on the way out men­tioned a sore spot, which, af­ter fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tion, turned out to be can­cer. Please let these words be a re­minder to be proac­tive with your health. Tak­ing the time to go to the doc­tor can be an in­con­ve­nience, but it can also be a life­saver.

Oprah is fond of say­ing that when your body is vy­ing for your at­ten­tion, at first you get a peb­ble, then a rock, and then a brick wall, and then if you still refuse to lis­ten, a boul­der can come crash­ing down on you! Let this be the peb­ble, or the rock, that moves you into ac­tion. Don’t sit back and wait, pas­sively, for the boul­der to wake you up. Your life is far too great a price to pay for be­ing busy.

~The Sher­iff, Tracey Rehe (Trucker, Cert. 1V Life Coach, NLP Prac­ti­tioner) Com­ing up in the next col­umn – “5 Sim­ple Steps To Get You Un­stuck and Out Of A Rut, Even If You Feel Con­fused and Don’t Know Where To Start.”

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