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Af­ter a few Euro and UK trips I’ve had the chance to dab­ble in quite a few dif­fer­ent drops. Even though I am Scot­tish, it’s dis­ap­point­ing to see that they have more Fos­ters on shelves than wa­ter over there. I don’t think I’ve even seen it on tap in the last six years at home, vile drink it is. Now the UK does have a few drops that I did en­joy but they need to not be served at room tem­per­a­ture, which is even fun­nier com­ing from a coun­try that is usu­ally freez­ing. If you do head over there at any point, get a pint of Big T into your guts! I also rec­om­mend dab­bling in some black pud­ding and hag­gis.

Now the Eu­ros have beer on lock­down! If you’ve ever done a brew­ery tour of some of the cult clas­sics in Aus­tralia you would know that most of the recipes are from Euro­pean brew­ers. Ger­many, Hol­land and Bel­gium are the stand­outs in my eyes. The lovely people in Bel­gium like to brew some real strong bug­gers which I like to re­fer to as creeper beers, mean­ing if you are not re­ally pay­ing at­ten­tion to the per­cent­age you could be in for a re­ally good night, or an in­cred­i­bly bad night. The first time we were there I stuck to my rou­tine, which is usu­ally a few 5% beers. Un­for­tu­nately they were ac­tu­ally 12% so that was in­ter­est­ing when they slowly started creep­ing.

Not to write off the Brits com­pletely, but the Scots are hold­ing it down on the scotch train! We need some down­time so I can go do a round trip of as many dis­til­leries as hu­manly pos­si­ble be­fore hav­ing liver fail­ure or end­ing up with a job. So I guess what this is all say­ing is, if you want to go do a “Beers Across The World” trip, Western Europe is the best place to start. Try Prague as well if you want some real ab­sinthe. If you are in Perth, go check out the Lit­tle Crea­tures Brew­ery in Fre­man­tle. They are next on the list to break down some beer for you all.



Our own up-and-com­ing heavy hit­ters Thy Art Is Mur­der are tak­ing a leaf out of Matt Pre­ston’s book and turn­ing their fiendish tal­ents to the type of re­views we can all get on board with – food and booze. This is­sue, drum­mer Lee Stan­ton chugs his way through a Euro trip while gui­tarist Andy “Marshy” Marsh tack­les Esquire’s de­gus­ta­tion of­fer­ing.

Last month was hard, re­mov­ing the beloved steak and pork chop from my diet, but I made it. Four weeks went by and to be fair, the last week or so was ac­tu­ally quite easy for me.

Each year my part­ner and I head to Bris­bane’s best restau­rant Esquire for the only thing on the menu: the de­gus­ta­tion. It in­cludes 10-15 cour­ses of some of the most mind­blow­ing food I’ve ever eaten, so I thought what bet­ter way to cel­e­brate eat­ing meat again. Esquire source all of their pro­duce from lo­cal or­ganic farm­ers and sup­pli­ers with a fo­cus on fresh­ness and qual­ity of life to the prod­uct. It is im­por­tant to know what hap­pened to your food be­fore you put it in your mouth and sup­pres­sion of this ig­no­rance would prob­a­bly find us all more dis­cern­ing eaters.

To de­scribe ev­ery­thing I ate would take nearly as long as the meal it­self (three to four hours) so I’ll keep it to two of my favourites. The beef ten­don starter is an old favourite and comes out a bit like a prawn cracker sprin­kled with crushed peanuts and a lime mist of some sort. The ten­don is first re­moved from the cow, slow cooked, de­hy­drated, ground into a pow­der and then melted down into a disc that can then be deep fried into a cracker. Ge­nius.

The holm­brae chicken stole the show for me, es­pe­cially given the rar­ity with which I eat poul­try. The breast had been cooked sous vide, mean­ing in a vac­uum-sealed bag at a very low tem­per­a­ture for about an hour or so. It was then topped with toasted buck­wheat to add in some crunch and un­der­neath was a sea­son­ing of an­chovies, which re­ally blended the whole dish to­gether.

That’s it for me this month; I’m off to France to­mor­row to hope­fully find some bet­ter food than I’ve been hav­ing in the mis­er­able UK. Down­load was cool though.

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