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Pet’s Names: Bella and Zeus Nick­names: Naughty and Naughty. Age: Bella is three and Zeus is one and a half. Sex: Fe­male and male. Breed: Siberian Huskies. How you met: We found Bella at a pet store when we weren’t re­ally look­ing for a dog. I know, I know, pet stores are bad, the evil of the world, but her per­son­al­ity was amaz­ing so we had to bring her home with us. Once we got her home we re­alised she re­ally needed a buddy, so we searched for a bit try­ing to find one to keep her com­pany. Favourite food: Any­thing they can steal from the din­ner ta­ble. For some rea­son when­ever there is pizza around, they are try­ing to steal all of it. Yeah, they are com­pletely spoiled. I am a sucker. Most an­noy­ing habit: Their favourite hobby is dig­ging holes. My back­yard would look like the moon if I didn’t fill them ev­ery day. Most en­dear­ing habit: How much they love ev­ery­one they meet. They look a bit like wolves so people are al­ways scared of them, but once they meet them, people re­alise they are ex­tremely nice and gen­tle dogs. I love to watch people shit their pants though when you’re walk­ing up with them. Usu­ally found: Sleep­ing un­der the trees in my back­yard or chas­ing each other in cir­cles. They love to run. It’s pretty damn fun to con­nect them to my beach cruiser and let them run around town. The in­spi­ra­tion for: Me own­ing the worst wolf/ moon T-shirt ever.

Eat­ing the bar­beque ig­ni­tion switch, Big­gest fuck up: TV re­mote, flow­ers… They don’t chew on many things but when they do, they are dust! Most touch­ing mo­ment: When they come up and put their paws on your knee, look you in the eyes and al­most talk to you. Huskies talk more than bark so it re­ally feels like they are hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with you.

Be­hind ev­ery great band there’s an even cuter puppy, so it’s time to meet the love­able critters wait­ing to greet your favourite acts as they stum­ble through the door af­ter a bru­tal bout of tour­ing. We’ll be treat­ing you to the friendli­est and fur­ri­est, and this is­sue we’ve got Ben Osmundson of Ze­bra­head and his di­re­wolves, uhh... Siberian Huskies Bella and Zeus.

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