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For most bands a com­plete re­struc­ture of the per­son­nel a fort­night be­fore record­ing would seem ob­scene – but as Andrew McE­naney ex­plains, it was pre­cisely what Struc­tures needed. By dave dray­ton.

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McE­naney takes the phone call from on his first day off in months – there was a tour with Texas In July giv­ing fans a taste of what to ex­pect on their up­com­ing sec­ond al­bum, Life Through A Win­dow, be­fore driv­ing on to Bos­ton to film a video for a song from it, “Earth Gazer”.

Fi­nally back in Toronto, Canada, McE­naney is giddy gear­ing up to let the new al­bum out into the wider world – and in do­ing so, for­mally in­tro­duc­ing Struc­tures’ gui­tarist-cum-vo­cal­ist Bren­don Pad­jasek as

“We kneW We Were mak­ing a change and people Were go­ing to have an is­sue With it.” andreW mce­naney

front­man af­ter some dras­tic line-up changes, namely the de­par­ture of orig­i­nal vo­cal­ist Nick Xourafas.

“When it was all hap­pen­ing, we were like, ‘Man, what is go­ing on with our band right now?’ It’s strange be­cause we were all fright­ened at the same time as be­ing the most ex­cited we’ve ever been about play­ing and writ­ing mu­sic. We knew we were mak­ing a change and people were go­ing to have an is­sue with it, but we knew that the change was a strong one, and we knew that Brendan could do all the things that we wanted him to do, plus more.”

Be­fore it be­came of­fi­cial, Pad­jasek was sim­ply fill­ing in for a flu-rid­den Xourafas on the demo for new song “Aliens”, lay­ing down some vo­cal pat­terns – the re­sults blew McE­naney’s mind, and so­lid­i­fied a de­ci­sion to push for­ward in the stu­dio as a three-piece.

While the change meant long hours of last minute lyrics for Pad­jasek, the task – and gen­eral over­haul of the band – was made in­fin­itely eas­ier by the far length­ier process of pre-pro this time around, com­pared to their last al­bum Di­vided By. Hav­ing gui­tarist Spy­ros Ge­or­giou’s lap­top on tour gave the band the op­por­tu­nity to pre-pro on the road for the first time.

“It made it eas­ier to get our ideas to­gether while be­ing on the road and be­ing in­flu­enced by all the dif­fer­ent things that come with tour­ing. The song ‘Re­quiem’, off the new record, that started with the drums. I’d drive and Spy would be in the front seat with me and we’d plug in the lap­top to the van speak­ers and we started by fig­ur­ing out the drums for the song,” McE­naney ex­plains, his dash­board drum­ming lay­ing the rhyth­mic foun­da­tion for new songs that came to life dur­ing sound­checks on the ex­ten­sive tour­ing they did in sup­port of Di­vided By. “That was a song that was worked on in Canada, in Aus­tralia dur­ing the tour with North­lane, Amer­ica – it was cool to work on some­thing right when you have the in­spi­ra­tion to do it.”

Struc­tures and North­lane have be­come tight tour friends over the last few years – McE­naney even drove North­lane around in Struc­tures’ van and trailer when they first vis­ited Canada – and as fit­ting as it was to be able to work on songs while tour­ing with them, cap­tur­ing that in­spi­ra­tion, the ic­ing on the cake came when both bands were tour­ing to­gether some­where be­tween their far-flung home­lands.

Be­fore a sold out New York City show the bands rerouted briefly to New Jersey, lo­ca­tion of The Ma­chine Shop stu­dio, where both Life Through A Win­dow and North­lane’s Sin­gu­lar­ity had been recorded so that Adrian Fi­ti­paldes could leave his mark on “Fol­lower”.

It was a fit­ting close to a record con­ceived and cre­ated on the road, for and with the friends that also travel it.

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