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Daniel Win­ter-Bates and the boys of Bury To­mor­row in­dulge their love of Norse mythol­ogy and all things geeky on their third out­ing. By cameron cham­bers.

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No, it’s not a typo. The lat­est al­bum from Bri­tish met­al­core hope­fuls is in­deed ti­tled Runes, and yes, it is about as con­cep­tual as a non-con­cept al­bum can get (or some­thing).

“I wouldn’t say it was a divine mo­ment or any­thing like that,” be­gins Daniel Win­ter-Bates, Bury To­mor­row’s talkative and in­stantly like­able front­man, “but Runes did just ran­domly pop into my head when I was brain­storm­ing al­bum ti­tles. I did a lit­tle re­search into the mythol­ogy writes what we like to lis­ten to, you know? We grew up on Kill­switch En­gage and As I Lay Dy­ing so we think it’s cool that we can hope­fully in­tro­duce the younger crop of met­al­core fans to those trail­blaz­ing bands. There’s some­thing re­ally great about ed­u­cat­ing people about bands that we think are pretty spe­cial.”

Through­out ’s in­ter­view, Win­ter-Bates ref­er­ences that old met­al­core guard count­less times, so it’s in­ter­est­ing to note that Bury To­mor­row’s in­sis­tence on

“There’s some­Thing re­ally greaT abouT ed­u­caT­ing people abouT bands ThaT we Think are preTTy spe­cial.” daniel win­Ter-baTes

be­hind it all and it re­ally struck home as some­thing that I’d love to write a record about, but it’s not a fully com­pre­hen­sive, one-track con­cept or any­thing like that.”

For an al­bum that Win­ter-Bates claims isn’t con­cep­tual in na­ture, there are a num­ber of ref­er­ences, both in ti­tle and lyri­cal con­tent, through­out Runes’ 13 tracks.

“Well, yes, you’re right,” he con­cedes, “but some­times it’s just a ti­tle whereas the lyrics ref­er­ence some­thing else en­tirely. Al­though one of the tracks is about the Midgard Ser­pent, which is in­cred­i­bly geeky, but it works for us,” he laughs. “It’s not like I’m run­ning around and singing about Vik­ings like some folk metal troupe!”

For a group in the midst of re­leas­ing their third al­bum over­all (and sec­ond for the leg­endary Nu­clear Blast), Win­ter-Bates is in­cred­i­bly re­laxed and seem­ingly un­fazed by the pres­sures that a band faces at this stage of their ca­reer.

“We’re a very chilled out group of in­di­vid­u­als, we write records how we feel they should be writ­ten and ev­ery­one within Bury To­mor­row has their way, so we’re all in­cred­i­bly happy with how things have turned out,” ex­plains the vo­cal­ist. “We don’t have a prob­lem with our la­bel hav­ing in­put and we cer­tainly lis­ten to our fans and what they want, be­cause in a sense, you have to know how they’re feel­ing and what they’re up for, be­cause they’re the rea­son we’re here. Gen­er­ally though, we’re a band that stay­ing true to that Swedish-in­flu­enced metal­lic sound is as much a prod­uct of their most re­cent per­son­nel change as it is a con­scious de­ci­sion to pay trib­ute to their child­hood he­roes.

“Our new gui­tarist [Kris­tan Daw­son] joined last year and he brought a lot of speed to our sound, so much so that we had to slow him down from time to time. We don’t want things to be too in­tense and to de­vi­ate too far from our ex­ist­ing sound, be­cause you have to be care­ful; you can’t in­tro­duce too many new el­e­ments and scare off your ex­ist­ing fans,” claims the singer, acutely aware of just how fickle fans can be in this day and age. “We do our best not to over­think it be­cause we know we’re not one of those bands that’s go­ing to cre­ate a new sub genre and carve out some brand new, un­heard sound. We’re fully aware of the fact that our path has been carved al­ready and that we just need to do the best that we can within the niche that we’ve been af­forded. We aren’t overly tech­ni­cal and we cer­tainly aren’t striv­ing to be as heavy as a death metal band. We know we’re bang in the mid­dle, that’s where we’ve al­ways been and now it’s about us em­brac­ing that.”

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