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Funny how even the most char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally un-metal acts can edge their way into our radar in the right cir­cum­stances. Doyle “D At Sea” Perez has the unique priv­i­lege of be­ing poppy (and hand­some) enough for your lit­tle sis­ter to froth on yet still revered by a por­tion of the Aussie hard­core scene as one of their best-kept se­crets due to his ori­gins there. “Lit­tle Love” brings a lilt­ing reg­gae feel to its verses and ben­e­fits best out of all the tracks from subtly tasty drum grooves pro­vided by none other than Pe­riph­ery’s Matt Halpern (yeah, we’re as sur­prised as you!), while the ti­tle track and “Pop, Flip, Catch” re­in­force the pop el­e­ment with a high sam­ple and synth pad fac­tor that, al­though a lit­tle cheesy, is not en­tirely taste­less. Will Perez ever es­cape the tag of “that dude who did the ‘Car­rion’ cover?” Maybe not, but he’s tak­ing steps in the right di­rec­tion.

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