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In the lead-up to their sixth stu­dio al­bum, Linkin Park teased that it would con­tain some of their heav­i­est work to date. Ch­ester Ben­ning­ton’s dig­i­talised screech comes at us in full force on the open­ing mo­ments of “Keys To The King­dom” and it’s the first sign that the six-piece aren’t filthy liars. Given they flirted with the more elec­tronic el­e­ments of their sound on A Thou­sand Suns and Liv­ing Things, any drift to­wards more gui­taror­i­ented rock was go­ing to be wel­comed, es­pe­cially when many wouldn’t have ex­pected LP to out­last the early ‘00s nu metal boom. For the most part, they’re suss­ing out their place in the rock world of 2014 – take the fast and punky “War” and the sur­pris­ingly tex­tured “Mark The Graves” with its Ben­ning­ton­driven loud-quiet aes­thetic. Give it a shot. Linkin Park may just sur­prise you yet.

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