Con­fronted by an in­creas­ingly ster­ile metal world, Goatwhore are re­morse­less rule- break­ers. Vo­cal­ist Ben Fal­go­ust tells about giv­ing con­ven­tion the mid­dle fin­ger sa­lute.

Blunt - - Up Front - By Bren­dan Crabb.

B“I don’t ex­pect every­one to like us.”

Ben Fal­go­ust

want to sit here and make laws and rules, but then preach no laws and rules. En­joy what you en­joy. If the dude next to you doesn’t like it, then just move for­ward with what you’re into. That’s the ba­sis be­hind ev­ery­thing we do, the el­e­ment that we’re try­ing to move for­ward. We’re not this band try­ing to preach some kind of new world order or any­thing; we’re out there to have a good time.”

Devo­tees will too upon un­cov­er­ing their blas­phe­mous sixth LP, Con­strict­ing Rage Of The Mer­ci­less, which was cap­tured with reg­u­lar col­lab­o­ra­tor Erik Ru­tan at the helm. “It’s the idea that if you’re pushed into a cor­ner so far, only two el­e­ments are go­ing to come out of that,” Fal­go­ust ex­plains. “You’re ei­ther go­ing to crawl up in a ball and just give up, or you’re go­ing to lash out. So the idea be­hind all that is the lash­ing out, the com­ing forth. It’s like a rage that fi­nally pum­mels out, that is just so con­strict­ing it’s mer­ci­less, and it tears through. No mat­ter what’s in your path, you’re go­ing to go straight through it.”

Thus, lyrics like “We are com­ing to smash your idols” pos­sess greater res­o­nance. “That’s what metal’s about; oast­ing such a moniker and scathing melange of black, thrash and death metal, New Or­leans out­laws Goatwhore are aware they’re an ac­quired taste. “I don’t ex­pect every­one to like us,” grunter Ben Fal­go­ust un­der­states. “Even in the ex­treme metal scene, it’s so unique be­cause of the var­i­ous for­mats. All the el­e­ments are unique, and they make up each in­di­vid­ual.

“I don’t be­lieve that peo­ple should shun peo­ple be­cause of the cer­tain sub- cat­e­gories they lis­ten to within metal. I think it’s funny that peo­ple in metal it’s about no rules, no laws, none of that. It’s about be­ing free, and the idea be­ing be­hind that. That’s the struc­ture within even Satanism in a sense, be­cause the sym­bolic idea be­hind Satan is be­ing your­self, and do­ing what you want on your own terms.”

Fur­ther thumb­ing col­lec­tive noses at the norm, Con­strict­ing… is their first ef­fort tracked to two- inch tape. Ru­tan’s tape ma­chine also has more than its share of nos­tal­gia sur­round­ing it. “He orig­i­nally bought it from Mor­risound in Florida, the old leg­endary stu­dio from all the leg­endary death metal records. Old Mor­bid An­gel, Suf­fo­ca­tion, all those records were done there. That ma­chine was used on a lot of those oc­ca­sions.

“Af­ter you do it, you take the whole tape process and drop it into Pro Tools to go on fur­ther from there. But it’s the sound you get on the tape that they haven’t re­ally per­fected within the dig­i­tal for­mat yet. I guess at some point we are dicks about stuff; ‘ Fuck the way things are done, fuck Kem­pers, fuck amp ef­fects’… The thing about tape too is it cap­tures hu­man er­ror. We’re only hu­man when we play mu­sic, we’re not per­fect.”

If Fal­go­ust has his way, re­newed en­thu­si­asm for vinyl will also trans­late to wider em­brace­ment of ana­logue record­ing tech­niques among metal’s up­starts. “It’s like, why doesn’t every­one start go­ing back to tape as well? ‘ Cause it kinda goes hand- in- hand in that sense. You want to go retro, go full retro. You have a lot of younger bands out there who might not ever get to record on tape. But if you bring that knowl­edge out to peo­ple more, maybe it’ll bring a younger au­di­ence that are in­volved in bands, in the ex­treme scene, and want to bring that back, bring vinyl back and things like that.”

Con­striCt­ing rage of the Mer­Ci­less is out now on Metal Blade.

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