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There were many things to come out of As I Lay Dy­ing vo­cal­ist Tim Lambe­sis try­ing to give a lit­eral mean­ing to ‘ la­dykiller’ in hir­ing a hit­man to kill his es­tranged wife… but three quickly come to mind. First, it gave every­one a chance to won­der how many other Chris­tian met­al­core bands had ut­ter nut­ters for front­men, sec­ond, it spawned end­less hack ‘ take my wife, please’ jokes, and lastly, it gave us Wovenwar. As tragic as the Lambe­sis tale was, it left the re­main­ing mem­bers to form Wovenwar, and they pro­vide eas­ily di­gestable meat- and- pota­toes met­al­core that serves as a happy re­place­ment. With Oh, Sleeper throat Shane Blay show­ing a lighter touch than Lambe­sis, Wovenwar de­liver moments that are bet­ter than sim­ple car­bon AILD copies. They tread less- heavy ground than AILD, but for their his­tory to even­tu­ally fade into the back­ground, this is a good start.

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