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What was the f irst al­bum or sin­gle you ever bought with your own money?

Aled Phillips: I bought the sin­gle “Won­der­wall” by Oa­sis. I got it at a place called Boots in Cardiff, which is more known for sell­ing over- the- counter med­i­ca­tion, but they also do birth­day cards and CDs and I bought it for 1.95 pounds. I had only just got­ten a CD player so it was the first thing I owned. Pretty cool. Iain Mahanty: Dookie by Green Day. I think I was nine at the time and my nan gave me the money. I bought it in Wool­worths, but she ac­tu­ally had to be the one to buy it for me be­cause of the “Parental Guid­ance” sticker on the front.

What one al­bum changed your life more than any other?

Phillips: I’d say Glass­jaw’s al­bum Ev­ery­thing You Ever Wanted To Know About Si­lence be­cause at that time I was a bit of a boot- cut jeans rock nerd… Mahanty: … Ar­se­hole. Phillips: A com­plete clue­less fuck and that was what switched me onto hard­core and the heav­ier side of punk rock. It made me want to be a singer in a band rather than a gui­tarist. It com­pletely flipped my un­der­stand­ing of mu­sic and what I was into and I’ve loved them ever since. Mahanty: There’s loads, and with dif­fer­ent pe­ri­ods of your life it changes. I’m go­ing to go back to the first one: Bad by Michael Jackson be­cause that’s the rea­son I like mu­sic.

What is one al­bum or song that re­minds you of your child­hood?

Mahanty: “Live For­ever” by Oa­sis. That song is the rea­son I wanted to play guitar and write rock mu­sic. It’s another one of them life chang­ing moments, in­nit? Phillips: It would oddly enough be some­thing off Bad be­cause that was the only cas­sette I re­mem­ber hav­ing when I was three and I just played that all the time.

What al­bum in­stantly puts you in a good mood?

Phillips: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry al­ways puts me in pretty fuck­ing good mood.

Is it Katy Perry or the songs?

Phillips: It’s a bit of both. If you’ve got the videos to go with it, it’s pretty good: let’s go with a YouTube video playlist of Katy Perry.

What is one ob­scure al­bum in your col­lec­tion that every­one should know about?

Mahanty: Bruce Wil­lis’ Mo­town cov­ers al­bum [ The Re­turn Of Bruno]. I found it in a char­ity shop about two years ago and it’s just Mo­town cov­ers. It came out in the late ‘ 80s and it’s fuck­ing bizarre. Phillips: The Aladdin sound­track. For some rea­son I have the en­tire sound­track and I know all the words. Get me drunk and I’ll ser­e­nade you with the “Prince Ali”.

Fab­u­lous he...

Phillips: Ali Ababwa. Strong as 10 reg­u­lar men def­i­nitely [ laughs]. It’s so good.

What do you con­sider to be the most em­bar­rass­ing al­bum in your col­lec­tion?

Phillips: I also have the Ti­tanic sound­track. It’s not even a real copy of it. My dad went into work one Christ­mas and he was like, “This guy has given me a list of CDs he can get.” I think it was like the ad­vent of the CD burner and I was like, “Oh, I’ll take the Ti­tanic sound­track.” So it’s a cheap, shit copy. It’s a lot of Celtic mu­sic. It’s good if you want to have a bath with some nice can­dles.

What is the ul­ti­mate house- trash­ing party al­bum?

Mahanty: I’d say the Cross al­bum by Jus­tice. Ei­ther that or An­drew W. K.’ s I Get Wet. That al­bum was made for trash­ing houses. That was his only agenda. Phillips: Ev­ery song is ex­actly the same – Puke! Party! Fuck it! Yay! Isn’t that the best chorus ever? “She is beau­ti­ful/ She is beau­ti­ful”. Mahanty: Let’s sing the same line eight times. Phillips: “When it’s time to party we will party hard/ Party hard/ Party hard.”

What’s the last al­bum you got a hold of?

Mahanty: The new M. I. A record and I re­ally like it [ laughs]. Four K! s

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