A Band's Best Friend

Be­hind ev­ery great band there’s an even cuter puppy, so it’s time to meet the love­able crit­ters wait­ing to greet your favourite acts as they stum­ble through the door af­ter a bru­tal bout of tour­ing. We’ll be treat­ing you to the friendli­est and fur­ri­est, an


Pet’s Names: Har­ley Nick­names: Pugs­ley, Piglet and Ass­hole. Age: Six. Male. Sex: Breed: Pug. How you met: He was sup­posed to be a dog meant for breed­ing only, but his com­pan­ion drowned in a pool so he was put up for adop­tion. Who would’ve thought I would find an awe­some dog on craigslist! Favourite food: Ham­burg­ers. Most an­noy­ing habit: He’s a food thief. If you leave your meal unat­tended he will fin­ish it for you and then take a nap. Most en­dear­ing habit: He gets way too ex­cited when I come home, makes laps around the house bark­ing his head off, but then I re­alise it’s just time for him to eat. Usu­ally found: Passed out on the couch. He lit­er­ally is a couch potato. Big­gest fuck up: One time he snatched a ham­burger out of my hand dur­ing a cook out. He then ran across the yard and top­pled over be­cause he started chok­ing on it. I had to rip it out of his mouth and feed it to him in smaller pieces. Most touch­ing mo­ment: I re­mem­ber be­ing ter­ri­bly sick with food poi­son­ing once and he ac­tu­ally kept me com­pany all day. We didn’t move from the couch for at least 16 hours. The most em­bar­rass­ing thing you do with your pet when no­body’s look­ing: That would prob­a­bly be ran­dom songs I sing to him in high- pitched voices. It gets him re­ally mad!

He lit­er­ally is My pet shits all over your pet be­cause: the most laid­back dog, but I’ve seen him scare off dogs five times his size. He’s gang­ster as fuck!

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