Blunt - - Up Front -

Where are you from?

Ok­la­homa, USA.

Who is in your band?

Ryan Lind­sey ( gui­tar, vo­cals); Ben King ( gui­tar); Nathan Price ( drums); Penny Pitch­lynn ( bass); Mandii Larsen ( gui­tar). Who are some of your in­flu­ences? Iggy Pop, Roy Or­bi­son, The Clash,

Devo, The Re­place­ments, The Ra­mones, Hot Choco­late, ABBA, Tom Petty, Bob Dy­lan and Billy Idol. Where can we nor­mally find you play­ing?

Any­where from a base­ment to a stage that’s too big for us.

Tell us about your best show.

Our best show was be­hind a ware­house in an aban­doned lot. The cops shut it down, but there were a cou­ple thou­sand peo­ple packed in that space and a guy threw a TV off his bal­cony and almost killed some peo­ple. Could have been a bum­mer,

but it was the best. Tell us about your worst show. I’ve blocked that out of my mind

I think. Tell us your three favourite bands. Early Beat, Skat­ing Polly, and

Low Li­tas. Tell us about your lat­est re­lease. Our new LP, Just Hip Enough To Be Woman, is def­i­nitely a pro­gres­sion

from our first record, one that in­tro­duces a new ver­sion of the same en­ergy that we put out on our first al­bum. If our first record started out in the early ‘ 80s, our sec­ond one gets us a lit­tle closer to the present. The next record might even catch us up

to present day.

Slayer or Me­tal­lica?

Fuck you. ... Me­tal­lica.

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