Be­hind ev­ery great band there’s an even cuter puppy, so it’s time to meet the love­able crit­ters wait­ing to greet your favourite acts as they stum­ble through the door after a bru­tal bout of tour­ing. We’ll be treat­ing you to the friendli­est and fur­ri­est, an

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Pet’s Name: Rosie Nick­name: Bird, Cheeky. Age: 10 months. Sex: Fe­male. Breed: Cock­atiel. How you met: I came home from Amer­ica on Christ­mas Eve after record­ing Earth-walker to find my sis­ter had brought a lit­tle friend home, it was a nice sur­prise! Favourite food: Corn, car­rot and any­thing we are eat­ing. She will try any­thing and it’s funny when she doesn’t like it. Most an­noy­ing habit: Nib­bling on jew­ellery and hav­ing to sit as close as she pos­si­bly can to your face.

Most en­dear­ing habit: Al­ways want­ing head scratches. Rosie will see my hand sit­ting on my lap, so she will walk over to it and put her head down for a scratch. It’s pretty cute but if you don’t pat her she gets angry and bites. Usu­ally found: Walk­ing around the house some­where chirp­ing to her­self or try­ing to eat our food. The in­spi­ra­tion for: Learn­ing to fly. Big­gest fuck up: She has flown away on us a cou­ple of times but she’s still only small and can’t get very far. We’ve had to go search­ing for her in the neigh­bours’ yards a cou­ple of times. Most touch­ing mo­ment: When I found her after she flew away one time. I think she was shocked so she wouldn’t whis­tle and I found her hid­ing un­der a big leaf in the next door neigh­bour’s gar­den. The most em­bar­rass­ing thing you do with your pet when no­body’s look­ing: Just talk­ing to her all the time like she is a hu­man, I guess ev­ery­one does that with their pets though, right? My pet shits all over your pet be­cause: It shits all over ev­ery­thing, lit­er­ally ev­ery­thing!

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