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What­wasthe­firstal­bu­mors­in­g­ley­ouever boughtwith­y­ourown­moneyand­where­did youbuyit? Wha­toneal­bum­changedy­ourlifemorethan anyotherand­in­what­way? Wha­toneal­bu­mor­songre­mindsy­ouof yourchild­hood?

the most im­por­tant band ever. My dad liked to play “Day Trip­per” in the car and that gui­tar riff is still one of the best ever writ­ten.

Whatal­bum­didy­ou­jamthe­most­dur­ingy­our high­schoolyears?

Whatal­bu­min­stant­ly­put­sy­ouina­good­mood? Whati­so­neob­scure­al­bu­miny­our­col­lec­tion that­ev­ery­oneshould­knowabout? What’soneal­bumy­oucon­sid­er­to­be­y­our guilty­plea­sure?

singing “Sis­ter Ha­vana” and “Pos­i­tive Bleed­ing”. It’s si­mul­ta­ne­ously in­cred­i­ble and un­for­give­able.

Whatis­theul­ti­mate­house-trash­ing partyal­bum?

The Black Crowes – South­ern Har­mony Mu­si­cal

Com­pan­ion. I bought it on cas­sette at the Hazeldean Mall; I think they had a Sam The Record Man store there. This was be­fore I heard punk/grunge/hard­core/psych mu­sic, so I was on a strict diet of clas­sic rock and I thought Chris Robin­son’s dance moves and crushed vel­vet bell-bot­toms in the “Rem­edy” video were su­per cool! [ Laughs].

The Stooges – Fun House. No com­pe­ti­tion. The records I as­so­ciate the most with high school are the first two Weezer records. The Blue Al­bum and Pinker­ton were jammed so hard by all my clos­est friends. It was in­escapable and they still bring very nos­tal­gic feel­ings when I hear them. I was try­ing to get my friends to lis­ten to Black Flag and Bad Brains but they weren’t hav­ing it. “Nah man, Weezer is way bet­ter”.

Whatis­thebestal­bum­tolis­ten­towhen hun­gover/chill­ingou­ton­aSun­day­morn­ing?

The Vel­vet Un­der­ground – Loaded or The Vel­vet

Un­der­ground & Nico. I learned this one from my older brother as he would al­ways play Vel­vet Un­der­ground af­ter stay­ing out late. Try it.

What’soneal­bumthat­madey­ouwantto starta­band?

Mi­nor Threat – Full Discog­ra­phy. When I heard “Scream­ing At A Wall” for the first time it com­pletely blew my mind. It felt like I had found my thing. I was to­tally ad­dicted to the mu­sic and be­gan go­ing to shows down­town for the first time in my life. I started lis­ten­ing to col­lege ra­dio and started read­ing zines and mail order­ing records. I just wanted to hear ev­ery band out there. Un­til hear­ing Mi­nor Threat I didn’t know that such pow­er­ful and mean­ing­ful mu­sic even ex­isted. Punk mu­sic has changed my life im­mensely; I’ve met most of my best friends and even my wife through un­der­ground mu­sic. The Kinks – Kinda Kinks. I just think it’s ‘60s beat mu­sic done to per­fec­tion. Love the songs and Shel Talmy record­ing! “Look For Me Baby” is such a great starter. Safe As Milk by Cap­tain Beef­heart and his Magic Band is up there too. Fugazi – In On The Kill Taker. It’s a beau­ti­ful mix of ev­ery­thing I love about mu­sic.

Wha­toneal­bum­doy­ouwishy­ouhad per­forme­don?

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. I wish I sang that one. Wouldn’t that be cool? To­tally in­sane vo­cals. Rhythm gui­tar would suf­fice too. Lit­tle Ann – Deep Shad­ows. It’s heart-wrench­ing soul. All the flaws are left in and it makes this al­bum just in­cred­i­bly heavy. Highly rec­om­mended.

What’soneal­bu­mor­songy­ouwant­playedat your­fu­neral?

The Lou­vin Broth­ers – Satan Is Real.


Urge Overkill – Sat­u­ra­tion. I re­mem­ber when th­ese guys were all over the TV. White suits, fake names, huge medal­lions, drink­ing Cour­voisier and The Bea­tles’ “Day Trip­per”. Just like most kids my age, I was raised on The Bea­tles. I con­sider them I re­cently bought a copy of Sonic Youth and Ly­dia Lunch’s “Death Val­ley 69”.

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