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The po­si­tion­ing of a bridal veil is very much about per­sonal choice and is in­flu­enced by how you wear your hair, the style of the veil and your gown. If you’re try­ing to achieve the full veil, princess look, wear the veil at the top of your head, if you love the idea of a veil but don’t want it to de­tract too much from your gown wear­ing it to­wards the back of your head may be an op­tion. Of­ten your hair­dresser will po­si­tion the veil for you once you have had your hair done or ex­plain to your at­ten­dants how to fix it firmly in place. Vari­a­tions of the fol­low­ing three styles are most com­monly worn by Aus­tralian brides.

High on the head Full veils, worn high on the head, are best an­chored in a swept-up hair­style although long, flow­ing curls or a sleek style will also ac­com­mo­date this veil. This will achieve a princess-style ef­fect – think Duchess of Cam­bridge Kate Mid­dle­ton – and the more tiers your veil has the greater the vol­ume of shim­mer­ing fab­ric around your face. Veils of medium full­ness can also be worn high on the head, giv­ing some full­ness in an un­der­stated man­ner.

To­wards the back of the head A veil worn to­wards the back of the head can still be seen, giv­ing you the bridal look with­out be­ing too dom­i­nant. Veils of medium full­ness can be worn with up and down hair­styles to­wards the back of the head. Worn with a flow­ing, down hair­style sin­gle tier veils look great po­si­tioned at the back of the head. This is also a good place to wear a tiered veil when you want to wear a blusher over your face, keep­ing the longer tiers away from your face al­low­ing the de­tail of your gown bodice to stand out.

Low at the back of the head Sin­gle tiered veils tucked un­der a stylish up do will give you a sleek, un­clut­tered look. Crys­tals or pearls scat­tered through your hair or fresh flow­ers are the per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment to veils worn low at the back of the head. In­for­mal wed­dings or when the bride doesn’t wish to wear a veil over their face is where you will most of­ten see veils worn in this man­ner.

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