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ON A re­cent trip to the PCOA con­fer­ence in Bris­bane, BEN re­porter BON­NIE TAI sud­denly found her­self trans­ported from the show floor into an­other world.

Fly­ing through the air be­tween high­rise build­ings seemed ef­fort­less - and no, my ex­pe­ri­ence wasn’t from the sugar hit that was creep­ing in from the one too many mac­arons I’d just eaten - I had stum­bled into the world of vir­tual re­al­ity.

Once thought of as a bit of a gim­mick, re­cent tech­no­log­i­cal break­throughs have seen vir­tual re­al­ity re­ally take off as not only a gam­ing de­vice (think PlayS­ta­tion VR), but also as an in­ter­ac­tive busi­ness tool.

VR 360 di­rec­tor Mar­cus Rehlaen­der, who demon­strated the view­ing plat­form to Busi­ness Events News last week, said the tech­nol­ogy was so ver­sa­tile that busi­nesses should start look­ing at in­cor­po­rat­ing vir­tual re­al­ity into their plans now as ad­vance­ments in the space moved at a “dra­matic speed”.

No longer re­served for just those with big bud­gets, the pace at which view­ing plat­forms were be­ing de­vel­oped meant that there were cheaper mod­els be­ing re­leased all the time, “which in­creases the viewer num­bers enor­mously”, said Rehlaen­der.

“The cost-per-view will fall to dol­lars rather than tens of dol­lars...and as with any new plat­form the cost of con­tent cre­ation will fall as the in­dus­try de­vel­ops”.

Cur­rently, venues have made the most out of the tech­nol­ogy, Rehlaen­der ex­plained, with many stitch­ing to­gether 360 de­gree im­mer­sive walk­throughs to show­case the range of fa­cil­i­ties avail­able on­site.

For events com­pa­nies, in­ter­ac­tive con­tent could then be trig­gered within the space to al­low for them to ma­nip­u­late it for their au­di­ences.

“By of­fer­ing next level in­ter­ac­tion and im­mer­sion to events, event or­gan­is­ers and PCOs will be seen as lead­ing edge fa­cil­i­ta­tors,” he said.

“And with the right con­tent cre­ators sup­port­ing them, [PCOs] will en­hance the end user ex­pe­ri­ence,” he said.

No mat­ter if the end goal is fun, in­for­ma­tive, ed­u­ca­tional or de­signed to re­turn valu­able data from user ex­pe­ri­ence, Rehlaen­der said utilising VR tech­nol­ogy could re­ally help the events in­dus­try drive a stronger ac­ti­va­tion.

To learn more about vir­tual and aug­mented re­al­ity or the ser­vices VR360 pro­vides visit vrnow.com.au.

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