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WEATHER can be a real ob­sta­cle when plan­ning events, with weather fore­cast apps, web­sites, and ra­dios reg­u­larly get­ting it all wrong.

This leaves event plan­ners scram­ming for op­tion B.

Per­haps a safer op­tion could be to con­tact NZ res­i­dent Her­man the Tor­toise who has been pre­dict­ing the weather for 58 years by wak­ing up when it’s warm and hi­ber­nat­ing when it’s cold and ac­cord­ing to re­ports by the lo­cal me­dia “we’re in for a great sum­mer”.

Her owner, Alf Hoyle said she’s “Ro­torua’s weather barom­e­ter”.

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