Five IT sce­nar­ios that can wreak havoc

Whether on hol­i­day, work­ing from home or on-the-go, an IT pro­fes­sional’s work is rarely ever done. With so many IT Pros look­ing to en­joy the op­por­tu­nity of an ex­tended hol­i­day with the Easter and AN­ZAC Day Long week­ends, So­lar-Winds (NYSE: SWI), a leading

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1. End user has locked their Ac­tive Di­rec­tory ac­count

This sce­nario plays out ev­ery day in or­gan­i­sa­tions across the globe and it’s an easy one to man­age if you are in the of­fice or at least at home near your com­puter. How­ever, when an IT pro is en­joy­ing some fam­ily time at the lo­cal park, this can be a tough one to man­age. With the proper re­mote sup­port tools, this is­sue is an easy one to fix no mat­ter where they are.

2. End user needs help us­ing a busi­ness-crit­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion

All IT pros re­ceive re­quests for train­ing dis­guised as sup­port tick­ets. It’s not un­com­mon for a Sys Ad­min or Help Desk Tech to spend a good por­tion of their day on ac­tiv­i­ties that would be bet­ter cat­e­go­rized as train­ing rather than sup­port. Imag­ine a sce­nario in which an end user’s in­abil­ity to per­form a sim­ple task in a CRM so­lu­tion is slow­ing sales. It’s an easy one to man­age while an IT pro is in the of­fice, but when they’re on hol­i­days it can mean train­ing by phone with no vis­ual clues as to what the end user is do­ing.

3. Email server goes off­line

An email server go­ing off­line is a se­ri­ous sit­u­a­tion that can be greatly com­pli­cated when an IT pro is away from the com­puter. Be­ing alerted to this prob­lem is hard enough since so many alert­ing sys­tems rely on email sys­tems to re­lay alerts, but trou­bleshoot­ing the is­sue while away from a com­puter is next to im­pos­si­ble with­out the right sys­tems in place.

4. Lost files or fold­ers

This is an­other com­mon sce­nario that is easy to re­solve while in the of­fice, but can be tricky while away. Imag­ine one of the or­ga­ni­za­tion’s C-suite ex­ec­u­tives lost track of an im­por­tant file just be­fore an an­a­lyst call. With the right re­mote ad­min­is­tra­tion tool, it’s a sit­u­a­tion that can be swiftly ad­dressed and make an IT pro look like a hero... even when re­lax­ing by a pool.

5. Your en­tire IT team is Out of the Of­fice

If the IT staff hap­pens to be si­mul­ta­ne­ously out of the of­fice, let the help desk soft­ware be the wing­man. Bal­ance the load ac­cord­ing to skill sets when IT staffers are on hol­i­days or away at a con­fer­ence to en­sure that the right per­son is as­signed to work on ap­pro­pri­ate tick­ets to min­i­mize down­time, main­tain end user sat­is­fac­tion and to avoid any (un­nec­es­sary) hol­i­day in­ter­rup­tions. When choos­ing help desk soft­ware for an or­ga­ni­za­tion, look for one that’s ca­pa­ble of set­ting up for­ward­ing rules to get tick­ets to the right re­sources based on the type of work ex­pected.

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