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How many of us have for­got­ten we’re fairly highly hand­i­capped and imag­ined we are on the greens of Au­gusta putting with Adam Scott or a back-in-time Greg Nor­man. I know I have. In fact, I’d like to swing like any­body other than my­self. I’m a ter­ri­ble golfer. It doesn’t stop me from tear­ing up the green … lit­er­ally, but I’d like to be able to play bet­ter, or at least feel like I’m play­ing bet­ter.

So I was in­ter­ested to see what play­ing Val­grine-style would be like: would it make me putt bet­ter, or would it make me feel like I be­long on the golf course? Most def­i­nitely the lat­ter.

This French brand is known for its ex­clu­siv­ity, its ex­quis­ite feel and if you’re a de­cent player its fine shot mak­ing.

For those who can af­ford the clubs at a sale price 18.265€ (a lit­tle over $27,000 aud), it is well worth the pur­chase.

Val­Grine is a club that of­fers no lim­its to per­for­mance and is cre­ated us­ing the most in­no­va­tive tech­nolo­gies.

De­sign­ing a put­ter that of­fers tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics pre­vi­ously unimag­ined was the chal­lenge that cre­ator Gré­gory Moreau set. The re­sult? A stun­ning ob­ject show­ing that tech­ni­cal per­fec­tion is pos­si­ble. The power, pre­ci­sion, touch, sound, bal­ance, swing and han­dling are im­pec­ca­ble.

Each put­ter is man­u­fac­tured and as­sem­bled care­fully by hand with more than 20 mas­ter crafts­men in­volved in the process in France.

A tra­di­tional ap­proach is usu­ally full of com­pro­mises. How­ever, Moreau did not take this ap­proach. And it shows. Mai­son Val­Grine makes put­ters a lux­ury, full of re­fine­ment and ca­pa­ble of ex­treme per­for­mance. Both this phi­los­o­phy and this brand uni­verse are unique.

The clubs are en­tirely cus­tomised and un­der a guar­an­tee of 100% French man­u­fac­tur­ing.

Bal­ance weights

Val­Grine has ac­cu­rately mas­tered the mass of the put­ter. This know-how is unique and per­mits adap­ta­tion to the mor­phol­ogy and swing of the player (line and arc). This sci­ence op­ti­mises per­for­mance, tol­er­ance, ef­fi­ciency and pre­ci­sion.

Line of sight

These lines of sight ame­lio­rate pre­ci­sion at ad­dress. The mor­pho­log­i­cal po­si­tion im­proves the kine­mat­ics of swing by plac­ing the legs, spine, arms and eyes in line with the ball. There is just one ob­jec­tive with Val­grine: re­in­force your per­for­mance and con­fi­dence.

To give you an idea of the cus­tom na­ture of this put­ter, here is a break­down of The Dandy, pic­tured here, is made:


Ma­te­rial: Watch-mak­ing stain­less steel. Treat­ment: Ionic l PVD Fin­ish­ing: pol­ished, satiny, blasted, cote de Genève En­grav­ing and color: ac­cord­ing to the card of cus­tomiza­tions, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion.


Ma­te­rial: Watch-mak­ing stain­less steel, Med­i­cal Stain­less steel, Com­pos­ite Stain­less steel, Aero­nau­ti­cal Alu­minum, Aero­space Alu­minum. En­grav­ing: ac­cord­ing to the card of cus­tomiza­tions, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion. Fin­ish­ing: pol­ished, satiny. Treat­ment: color cham­pagne Red, Black, Blue.


Ma­te­rial: al­loy of brass and gold Fin­ish­ing: en­cir­cled


Ma­te­rial: Al­loy of alu­minum and car­bon Fin­ish­ing: Car­bon braid, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion: T1000 | T3000. Matt, bril­liant.


Ma­te­rial: Al­loy of Chrome Fin­ish­ing: blasted, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion: pol­ished, satiny, PVD Length: cus­tom-made Grip: Di­am­e­ter: stan­dard, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Ma­te­rial: Leather full flower, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion: sha­green, os­trich, al­li­ga­tor, shark, car­bon­tec Fin­ish­ing: nat­u­ral tan­ning, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Color: black, red, brown, pink, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Sewing: crossed point, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Thread: red, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Fly­weight: ma­te­rial: Com­pos­ite of high-den­sity forged nickel. Fin­ish­ing: satiny and en­cir­cled Crown: Al­loy of brass and gold. Fin­ish­ing: pol­ished, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Weight: Men: 370g. Women: 330g. Ju­nior: 310g, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Or­na­ment: upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Spe­cial ma­te­rial: Yel­low gold, white gold, ruby (bright red) gold, Plat­inum GGems: Di­a­monds, upon re­quest for pieces of ex­cep­tion Set­ting: Watch­maker 4 grains This put­ter re­flects the spirit of mai­son Val­Grine, so­bri­ety, fi­nesse, pu­rity and French el­e­gance. To­day, Val­Grine is an ac­tor in­com­pa­ra­ble in the world of haute cre­ation, life­style, art of liv­ing and es­pe­cially per­for­mance.


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