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It’s amaz­ing the way tech­nol­ogy is chang­ing our land­scape. Is­rael is well known for its tech­nol­ogy break­throughs. Here’s an­other.

Olsi, an Is­raeli startup is revo­lu­tion­is­ing post with Posty­bell, a post box sen­sor that can de­tect post mail from any dis­tance, long or short. The new cel­lu­lar based sen­sor de­vice sends you a real-time cel­lu­lar alert when you re­ceive post mail, no mat­ter how far you are from your post box. Posty­bell works with all phones, in­clud­ing house, mo­bile, and Smart­phones. It rings the num­ber you con­fig­ure it to. To make things even more con­ve­nient, Olsi has de­vel­oped an app that ‘catches and records’ and man­ages these alerts. The app cur­rently sup­ports An­droid de­vices, but de­vel­op­ing a ver­sion for iOS is next on their agenda.

“By pro­vid­ing you with to­tal con­trol over your post box, Posty­bell takes snail mail into the on­line era, al­low­ing you to re­view all logs and per­form ac­tions from any de­vice”, Olsi’s CEO, Oren Las­man com­mented.

Elim­i­nat­ing the dis­tance bar­rier, Posty­bell in­forms you when you re­ceive letters or pack­ages to your post box, wher­ever you are. Com­bin­ing a prox­im­ity sen­sor and a GSM mod­ule, Posty­bell senses any move­ment in the post box, im­me­di­ately no­ti­fy­ing you. While past at­tempts have been made to cre­ate such a de­vice, they all re­lied on Wifi or Blue­tooth tech­nolo­gies, alert­ing you ONLY if you were a short dis­tance from your post box.

Re­cently, Olsi launched an Indiegogo cam­paign to raise $30,000, through the pop­u­lar crowd­fund­ing plat­form. Funds raised will be used for the pro­posed iOS ver­sion, cre­at­ing a prod­uct mold, as well as for pro­duc­tion of Posty­bell’s first edi­tion. Fu­ture up­grades to Posty­bell in­clude a built-in cam­era that sends real-time pic­tures of new post mail and plans to ex­pand Posty­bell’s ca­pa­bil­ity range, by adding heat, hu­mid­ity, and gas sen­sors.

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