What does EPS do to help get the best out of peo­ple? The fol­low­ing ta­bles shed some light..

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Iden­tify – Build a clear pic­ture of what at­ti­tudes and mo­ti­va­tions work best in a role.

Model – Ev­i­dence based re­search of specif­i­cally what is/has worked and has not in a role.

At­tract – Use key words that the right po­ten­tial ap­pli­cant will be drawn to. Rank – Save time by in­stantly rank­ing mul­ti­ple ap­pli­cants for the best fit. In­ter­view – Prove known in­ter­nal driv­ers.

Re­cruit – Know what you are get­ting from day one.

Pre­dict – Nat­u­ral pas­sion ar­eas and where the per­son will need more en­ergy to per­form.

Strengths and Gaps – Know specif­i­cally how & to what ex­tent they will drive and avoid.

On­board – Un­der­stand how to treat and speak with them to have them in their zone.

En­gage – Quickly get their in­volve­ment and fo­cus on what you want on their terms.

En­thuse – Know how to state tasks and di­rec­tions in a way that will lift and drive.

In­ter­face – Know po­ten­tial pit­falls / dif­fer­ences that will cause is­sues be­fore they do.

In­ter merge – Demon­strate value early of where the per­son will bring added value to peers. Ta­lent Map for fu­ture lead­ers – Know who to look for & specif­i­cally what driv­ers to coach.

Ap­praise – Iden­tify data against ac­tual per­for­mance to give key as­pects to fo­cus on.

De­velop - Have agreed mea­sur­able ar­eas of de­vel­op­ment.

Coach – Have a valid, sta­ble ma­trix to guide tal­ented coach­ing. Pro­mote – Know what to look for & be pre­scrip­tive about the needs in new role. Know what to avoid/best fit for role when look­ing to cross-fer­tilise ta­lent.

Iden­tify strengths & gaps in teams – Pre­dict the pit­falls and driv­ers of herd men­tal­ity.

Build high per­for­mance teams – Use the in­ter­nal nat­u­ral driv­ers to self ig­nite per­for­mance.

Coun­sel lead­er­ship – Pre­cise coun­sel on cor­po­rate be­hav­iour to build ‘fol­low-abil­ity’.

Coun­sel se­nior man­age­ment – SMT or in­di­vid­ual coun­sel on how best to sell new strate­gies.

Coun­sel on out­place­ment – Give the in­di­vid­ual a legacy of value for the fu­ture.

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