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On Jan­uary 29 I was trav­el­ling from In­cheon (ICN) to Jakarta (CGK) via Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on MH067 and MH725.

Flight MH067, sched­uled to ar­rive at KUL at 1645, was de­layed by about one hour. When I ar­rived at Kuala Lumpur air­port, the Malaysian Air­lines rep­re­sen­ta­tive pre­sented me with a new board­ing pass and told me that I would have to take the next flight to Jakarta – MH727, sched­uled to de­part four hours later at 2205, in­stead of my orig­i­nal flight MH725 (sched­uled to leave at 1805).

How­ever, as I was in busi­ness class, I had dis­em­barked the air­craft first and re­alised there was still a chance to make MH725. I ran to the train and headed to the gate for MH725 – which luck­ily was also slightly de­layed, and I was able to take my orig­i­nal flight to Jakarta in a timely man­ner.

I felt this was quite a dis­ap­point­ing sys­tem from Malaysian Air­lines. I was the only pas­sen­ger from MH067 tran­sit­ing through MH725 so it would hardly have caused a de­lay to help me catch my flight. Se­condly, how come Malaysian Air­lines au­to­mat­i­cally put me on the later flight (MH727) with­out first check­ing the sta­tus of flight MH725? Had I fol­lowed their in­struc­tions, it would have ru­ined the busi­ness meet­ing I had ar­ranged for the evening of Jan­uary 29, as flight MH727 wouldn’t have ar­rived in Jakarta un­til 2305.

I still can­not believe the at­ti­tude of MH em­ploy­ees, who sim­ply said: “You can’t make the flight. The gate is lo­cated in the other ter­mi­nal. Din­ner will be in the Golden Lounge…” when they could have sim­ply called and checked the sta­tus of flight MH725 and re­sponded to me with the facts of the sit­u­a­tion.

I wrote to Malaysian Air­lines a month ago about this mat­ter, and I still have not re­ceived any kind of apol­ogy. Jung Hyup Kim, Seoul MALAYSIA AIR­LINES RE­SPONDS: Malaysia Air­lines wishes to ex­plain the sit­u­a­tion en­coun­tered by pas­sen­ger Jung Hyup Kim on Jan­uary 29, 2017.

As the flight he was trav­el­ling on, MH067, was re­timed to ar­rive in Kuala Lumpur at 1745, one hour later than sched­uled, his on­ward con­nec­tion to Jakarta had to be re­booked due to the re­quired min­i­mum con­nect­ing time rule of one hour.

His orig­i­nal con­nec­tion, MH725, was sched­uled to de­part at 1805, leav­ing only 20 min­utes for him to catch the flight. As he had also checked in a bag, it would be dif­fi­cult to trans­fer his lug­gage in less time than the nor­mal trans­fer process of one hour, par­tic­u­larly as both air­craft were parked at dif­fer­ent ter­mi­nals in KLIA.

As per stan­dard air­line pro­ce­dure, check-in needs to be done an hour prior to de­par­ture time to al­low for the fi­nal­i­sa­tion of air­craft weight and bal­ance doc­u­men­ta­tion. In any trans­fer process, Malaysia Air­lines does not only con­sider pas­sen­gers’ con­nec­tiv­ity to the next flight but also the con­nec­tiv­ity of their bag­gage. The air­line deeply re­grets the dis­rup­tion to Mr Jung’s travel plans.

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