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POST GreenS­cot DATE April 27, 09:55

I have just achieved Oneworld Emer­ald sta­tus in three months through the joys of BA back and forth to Sin­ga­pore and now have about 20 months to “en­joy” BA Gold. So my re­quest is for your col­lec­tive wis­dom on whether I stick with Oneworld and work out what the perks are, or chase for Star Al­liance Gold where I hold no sta­tus. I would re­ally only be do­ing that to achieve lounge ac­cess with Star Al­liance when I am short haul and not in a pre­mium cabin.

capeto­ni­anm April 27, 10:04

I think it largely de­pends on if you are pay­ing for your tick­ets, or if they are paid by em­ployer/clients. If it’s the for­mer, I would sug­gest that chas­ing any form of sta­tus is point­less, par­tic­u­larly if all you want is lounge ac­cess, which you can buy un­der var­i­ous op­tions. I had Sen­a­tor sta­tus on Lufthansa/ Star Al­liance when my tick­ets were paid for by a third party, and the only real ben­e­fit I en­joyed was the 40kg bag­gage al­lowance. I have long held the view that FF pro­grammes are a scam de­vised by the air­lines to lock you into fly­ing with one par­tic­u­lar car­rier or al­liance. Ditch­ing them is lib­er­at­ing.

es­selle April 27, 10:15

I think it will also be driven by where you are fly­ing. Star prob­a­bly nudges it if most of your travel is go­ing to be in Europe, but OW takes it if you are go­ing Mid­dle East/Asia.

rfer­gu­son April 27, 11:03

Why not try for a sta­tus match with a Star car­rier? Not sure if they are of­fer­ing them cur­rently, but I achieved a Oneworld Emer­ald to Star Gold sta­tus match via Avianca re­cently.

ASEANTrav­eller April 27, 13:17

The sim­plest way is to get a sta­tus match, as rfer­gu­son sug­gests. If you want to earn Gold through fly­ing, then I would rec­om­mend Aegean Air­lines (don’t laugh). They have one of the low­est thresh­olds to reach­ing Gold (even though they have been in­creas­ing them over the years), which if planned prop­erly can be reached with three re­turn long-haul flights. Thai Air­ways is the sweet spot for earn­ing miles on Aegean, giv­ing you 200 per cent of miles flown in J class (most other car­ri­ers only give you 125 per cent or so). So if you are still do­ing the reg­u­lar com­mute to Sin­ga­pore, try do­ing it with Thai (via BKK), and you should be well on your way to Gold. The other ben­e­fit of Aegean is that once you are Gold, you only need 24K miles to re­new Gold (with­out ever set­ting foot on an Aegean aero­plane), which can be achieved by just one re­turn long-haul Thai flight in J class. Safe trav­els!

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