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I re­cently re­turned to Uber as a prod­uct. I used them in Paris to get to Charles De Gaulle from St Ger­main. Booked Uber Pool and waited. Driver was show­ing five min­utes away, then sud­denly he can­cels the trip. I re­book and get same driver and he shows up at the pick-up point two min­utes later. Think noth­ing more of it un­til I get the € 5 (US$6) can­cel­la­tion fee on my credit card. Turns out driv­ers are can­celling trips to claim the easy € 5 and then re-ac­cept­ing the same cus­tomers, thereby ef­fec­tively get­ting a € 5 tip. Any­one else have sim­i­larly neg­a­tive ex­pe­ri­ences on Uber? If the driver is the per­son who can­cels, is it pos­si­ble for him to claim the can­cel­la­tion fee? I think the fee is when the client can­cels the Uber, not the driv­ers? Driv­ers are en­ti­tled to can­cel where a cus­tomer “no shows” and they col­lect a fee. The prob­lem is that driv­ers are can­celling on the ba­sis that they say the cus­tomer has “no showed”, so they col­lect the fee au­to­mat­i­cally. Then, when there aren’t many cars around, they re-ac­cept the re­quest know­ing they’ll get cho­sen again. Uber doesn’t let you choose your car so you can’t re­ject the driver that pre­vi­ously can­celled on you. I know some cus­tomers don’t show, but it ap­pears some driv­ers are abus­ing this op­tion. I am a big fan of Uber… If you dis­pute an item on the on­line dis­putes sec­tion, in­vari­ably you will be re­funded, al­beit by a voucher re­deemable for your next book­ing. I agree there are al­ways go­ing to be a few bad ap­ples in any or­gan­i­sa­tion… but the last time I took an Uber was in Lon­don and it was ex­cel­lent. I use them ex­clu­sively in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Hanoi as they are the best mode of trans­port. They have added com­pe­ti­tion so there is more choice and have made things bet­ter in my opin­ion.

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