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I was booked to fly with Thai Air­ways on TG910 on March 3 from Bangkok to Lon­don (de­part­ing 1255, ar­riv­ing 0715), where I had a con­nect­ing flight with Eurow­ings to Ber­lin.

On March 2, I re­ceived a no­tice that TG910 had been resched­uled due to tech­ni­cal rea­sons, with the new de­par­ture at 0730, ar­riv­ing into Lon­don at 1240.

My con­nec­tion with Eurow­ings was booked at 0840 on March 3, so I con­tacted the Thai Air­ways reser­va­tions de­part­ment to sort the mat­ter out. The rep­re­sen­ta­tive said I would have to speak to the ticket desk in the morn­ing.

The next day, staff told me they would send a mes­sage to Lon­don to re­book my Eurow­ings flight. I got the same as­sur­ance at the gate, and from the on­board purser – who even said the cap­tain had been in­volved.

On ar­rival, the Thai staff had no record of my name. Af­ter much to and fro, I was told it had noth­ing to do with Thai Air­ways and I would have to sort it out my­self.

I then went to the Eurow­ings ticket desk and found I’d missed the last flight to Ber­lin by 20 min­utes. The re­book­ing fee would have been ap­prox­i­mately £60 (US$81), but in­stead I had to buy a new ticket with Lufthansa for £334 (US$451).

By the time I ar­rived it was 11pm, and there were no more trains run­ning to my des­ti­na­tion so I had to take a taxi, which cost €76 (US$90) (ver­sus €10/US$12 for the train), ar­riv­ing at 1.30am for a 9am meet­ing.

I re­ceived noth­ing but false and mis­lead­ing in­for­ma­tion from Thai Air­ways dur­ing the in­ci­dent and have had no fol­low-up from Thai Cus­tomer Care in the six weeks since. I want to know why there was such mis­in­for­ma­tion, and more im­por­tantly, how Thai Air­ways will com­pen­sate me for the ad­di­tional cost and great in­con­ve­nience caused by their staff.

Brin­ley Wad­dell, Bangkok

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