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NON-IRON SHIRTS are prob­a­bly part of your trav­el­ling wardrobe, but what about anti-bac­te­rial? Hard­vark has spent two years per­fect­ing a for­mula for a ma­chinewash­able merino wool shirt that, as well as be­ing anti-wrin­kle (you don’t re­ally need to iron it if you hang it up af­ter wash­ing), some­how doesn’t smell even when you do. Wear the Ev­ery­day shirt on your jour­ney, get to the ho­tel, hang it up, take a shower, put it back on and go out for the evening. Repeat all week. We tested it, it works, though if you spill red wine on it, then you still have to wash it. Priced £115 (US$150). hard­

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