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1. By Daniel Vo­jtech, Czech Repub­lic. Win­ner of the Se­quence By Sony cat­e­gory. Flying Bulls pi­lots Miroslav Kre­jci, Jan Rudzin­skyi, Stanislav Ce­jka and Jan Tvrdic in Jaromerˇ, Czech Repub­lic.

2. By Dean Treml, New Zealand. Win­ner of the En­hance Cat­e­gory. Cliff diver Jonathan Pare­des jumps from a 28-me­tre-high plat­form on the roof of the Copen­hagen Opera House dur­ing the Red Bull Cliff Div­ing World Se­ries in 2013.

3. By Balázs Pálfi, Hun­gardy. Fi­nal­ist in the Se­quence By Sony Cat­e­gory. Red Bull Air Race pi­lot François Le Vot, Bu­dapest, Hun­gary.

4. By Clau­dio Casanova, Switzer­land. Fi­nal­ist in the Life­style Cat­e­gory. Snow­boarder Philipp Schicker, Hoch-Ybrig, Switzer­land.

5. By Chris Gar­ri­son, USA. Fi­nal­ist in the Close Up Cat­e­gory. Surfer Mike Dowdy, Or­lando, Florida, United States. Orig­i­nal im­age taken on a Nikon D4 and dis­played on a mon­i­tor screen as seen through the viewfinder of a Hob­i­flex, and then pho­tographed with a Nikon D3S.

6. By Jaanus Ree, Estonia. Fi­nal­ist in the New Cre­ativ­ity Cat­e­gory. BMXer Erik Orgo re­flected in the eyes of the pho­tog­ra­pher’s cat, Tallinn, Estonia.

7. By Greg Mionske, USA. Fi­nal­ist in the Spirit Cat­e­gory. Climber Pete Takeda, Hil­dale, Utah, United States.

8. By Frank Kretschmann, Ger­many. Fi­nal­ist in the Life­style Cat­e­gory. Climbers Mayan Smith Go­bat and Ben Rueck wak­ing up in the fields of Sao Jose do Divino, Piedra Ris­cada, Brazil.

9. By Ken Etzel, USA. Fi­nal­ist in the Play­ground Cat­e­gory. Climber Wiz Fineron on the Taipan Wall, the Grampians Na­tional Park, Aus­tralia.

10. By Emil Sol­lie, Nor­way. Fi­nal­ist in the En­ergy Cat­e­gory. Snow­boarder Mons Røis­land on the Fol­ge­fonna Glacier, Nor­way.

11. By Lorenz Holder, Ger­many. Fi­nal­ist in the New Cre­ativ­ity Cat­e­gory. Skate­boarder Cedric Ro­ma­nens shot from a DJI Phan­tom 3 drone, Laax, Switzer­land.

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