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is fully re­leased and 30 af­ter so you can se­lect the frame which ab­so­lutely nails the ac­tion. The Burst mode is more con­ven­tional and will shoot at 30 fps for as long as the shut­ter but­ton is held down… up to a du­ra­tion of 29 min­utes and 59 sec­onds. Alternatively, the Start/Stop mode does the same thing, but one press of the shut­ter but­ton starts the se­quence and a sec­ond press ends it. Use­fully, you can now batch save ‘4K Photo’ se­quences of up to 150 frames (so mul­ti­ple saves will be needed for longer se­quences).

Fol­low­ing the GX85, the G85 also gets the Light Com­po­si­tion mode which again records at 30 fps, but only reg­is­ters the brighter new pix­els in each frame. These are sub­se­quently com­bined into a sin­gle im­age and this process is pri­mar­ily de­signed for sub­jects such as fire­works or star trails.

The G85 also has the nifty ‘Post Fo­cus’ func­tion which again records a high-speed burst of 4K video frames, but this time chang­ing the fo­cus point each time – which rep­re­sents a burst of 49 frames in this case – so you can sub­se­quently se­lect the one with the de­sired plane of fo­cus. You sim­ply touch – on the mon­i­tor screen – the sub­ject mat­ter in the im­age that you wish to be in sharp fo­cus, and the cam­era finds that frame. Alternatively, you can have mul­ti­ple ver­sions of an im­age with dif­fer­ent fo­cus points, but also use­fully there’s now a Fo­cus Stack­ing op­tion so that frames with dif­fer­ent fo­cus­ing points can be com­bined to, for ex­am­ple, cre­ate an im­age that’s ab­so­lutely sharp from fore­ground to back­ground (no mat­ter what lens aper­ture has been used). Au­to­matic cor­rec­tion is ap­plied for any mis­align­ment of the frames. Just imag­ine how pow­er­ful all these func­tions are go­ing to be when you can have 19 MP stills…

Drive mode dial also ac­cesses the ‘4K Photo’ modes and the ‘Post Fo­cus’ func­tion. The new 12-60mm ‘kit’ zoom is weather-proofed too, and has a fo­cal range equiv­a­lent to 24-120mm. Top panel con­trol lay­out is dial-based, in­clud­ing front and rear in­put wheels.

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