Ad­just your pano to im­prove qual­ity


Click back on the Ba­sic tab (Ctrl+Alt+1), and all the reg­u­lar ad­just­ments you’d tweak on a RAW file can be made. On this ex­am­ple, we first tweaked Ex­po­sure to get the scene look­ing rea­son­able, then set High­lights to -100 to re­store de­tail in the bright­est ar­eas. Shad­ows were then boosted to +100 to max­imise de­tail in the darker tones. By hold­ing the Alt key and re­duc­ing the Blacks slider un­til the dark­est parts were dis­played, we set the black point, and by hold­ing Alt and in­creas­ing the Whites slider un­til white ar­eas ap­peared, we set a white point. We then in­creased Clar­ity to +30 to im­prove def­i­ni­tion.

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