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1 yaShICa Mat 124g 1970

en­dur­ingly pop­u­lar be­cause of its price, qual­ity and re­li­a­bil­ity which made it an af­ford­able en­try-point into medium for­mat pho­tog­ra­phy, Yashica’s last 6x6cm Tlr model stayed in pro­duc­tion un­til 1986.

2 yaShICa aUto Fo­CUS Mo­tor 1981

one of the first fully au­to­matic 35mm com­pact cam­eras, the auto fo­cus mo­tor is great­grand­daddy to a long line of Yashica 35mm com­pacts which lasted un­til the com­pany’s demise in 2005.

3 yaShICa FX-70 QUartZ 1983

dur­ing the late 1970s and into the 1980s, Yashica and con­tax 35mm slrs were de­vel­oped along­side each other and, of course, shared the same lens mount so the former ben­e­fited from tech­nolo­gies such as quartz-tim­ing for the elec­tronic shut­ters.

4 yaShICa FX-3 2000 1986

an­other long-serv­ing Yashica cam­era, the fX-3 su­per 2000 – so named be­cause its top shut­ter speed was 1/2000 sec­ond – re­mained in pro­duc­tion un­til 2002. Yashica’s bud­get 35mm slr line out­lived its aut­o­fo­cus sys­tem by many years.

5 yaShICa SaMUraI X3.0 1987

The half-frame 35mm for­mat was re­vived for Yashica’s tilt at the ‘bridge’ cam­era con­cept and al­lowed for a much more com­pact de­sign than those from chi­non and ri­coh.

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