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SEC­TION 1 Rochester 1 (9/64) de­feated Echuca South 2 (4/40) ROCHESTER 1 has se­cured sec­ond place be­hind Rich River with a 24-game vic­tory against Echuca South 2.

Fa­ther and son combo, Troy and Zack Holm­berg were in fine form, win­ning 6-2 against Daryl Poole and Alec Brown.

The su­per fit Brian Letcher lost with James Nelson 5-7, but was warmed up with Zack Holm­berg in the fi­nals men’s dou­bles to win 6-1.

In the sin­gles, Troy Holm­berg once again put on a great dis­play of touch to win 6-3 against Poole, while James Nelson was kept on the back foot against Jason Lee­man 2-6.

In the women’s, San­dra Holm­berg and Chris­tine Hoop­pell set up some great points to take the win 6-1 and Jenny Crock­ett and Barb McCarty also found the gaps to hit some classy shots to win 6-2.

Holm­berg-Crock­ett had a brain fade which re­sulted in a shock 0-6 loss, but coun­ter­act­ing the score was the Hoop­pell-McCarty duo were on fire to win 6-0.

Rochy 1 con­tin­ued their strong form into the mixed win­ning 6-2, 6-1, 6-3 and only dropped the sec­ond mixed 3-6. Rochester 2 (6/55) lost to Echuca

South 1 (7/55) Un­for­tu­nately for Rochester 2, the only thing to cel­e­brate was Beck Crawford’s birth­day af­ter nar­rowly los­ing to fifth-placed Echuca South 1 who made a come­back in the mixed.

The Rochy men strug­gled against the more ex­pe­ri­enced South as big hit­ters Greg Tiller and Justin Coghill lost 3-6 to Peter Fawcett and Rob Caldwell.

Bai­ley Wile­man and Matt Coghill couldn’t find their groove against the sea­soned and cun­ning play of Howard Armstrong and Mick O’Brien who came out of re­tire­ment to play 2-6.

In the sin­gles, Tiller lost 3-6 to the nim­ble Fawcett and Wile­man may be still feel­ing the ef­fects from a late night at Temp­ta­tions Christmas party, los­ing 2-6 to Armstrong.

Brothers, Justin and Matt Coghill played some pol­ished tennis to win the only mens set 6-2.

In the women’s Rochy were too strong win­ning all four sets.

Karen Tay­lor and Lizzy In­gram won 6-3 against Louisa Dean and Sarah Dixon, Beck Crawford and Lea Gled­hill won 6-3 against Lee Beat­tie, who was able to play as a lady this week, and part­ner Donna Glen.

Tay­lor-Crawford only gave away one game against Dean-Beat­tie, while In­gram-Gled­hill played the per­fect tennis, dish­ing out 6-0 to Dixon-Glen.

Rochy had a seven game buf­fer go­ing into the mixed and Matt Coghill and Tay­lor started pro­ceed­ings by win­ning 6-3.

Tiller-Crawford wheels fell off los­ing 1-6, Justin Coghill and In­gram couldn’t find mo­men­tum los­ing 3-6 while Wile­man-Gled­hill went down 5-7.

SEC­TION 2A Col­binab­bin (8/63) lost to Roches

ter 3 (5/64) Rochester 3 caused an up­set af­ter de­feat­ing third-placed Col­binab­bin, al­though they won three more sets on the day but lost on games.

Colbo had a few key men out with Matt McEvoy and Slab Ryan with handy fill-ins Wayne ‘Rowdy’ McQueen and young Sam Ryan fill­ing the void to play along­side Matt Ryan, Cooper and Hugh Hamil­ton.

The Rochy men, Rod and Brody Fiedler, Ja­cob Baker and Jake Hock­ing en­joyed the bounce from the hard courts win­ning all five sets.

It was evenly matched in the women’s but Colbo’s Mardi Ryan, Anne McEvoy, Me­gan Morgan and young Rochy Lawn ju­nior, Ella Ker­lin came away with three out of four sets against Caro­line Fiedler, Rachel Baker, Kelsey Hage­man and Beck Wolfe.

Rochy had nudged a four game lead by af­ter­noon tea.

In the first mixed, Matt McEvoy and Ryan held on to win 7-5 against Rod Fei­dler and Hage­man, Hugh Hamil­ton and Anne McEvoy were up a break win­ning 6-4 against Brody and Caro­line Fielder, Cooper Hamil­ton and Morgan won the im­por­tant points 6-3 against Rachel Baker and Wolfe.

Sam Ryan would’ve dived for a few shots if play­ing on grass and his part­ner Ella Ker­lin hit well but in the end it was a 2-6 loss against Hock­ing and Bri­die Baker.

Ju­niors WINDY con­di­tions were not ideal on Satur­day morn­ing which made it dif­fi­cult to re­turn and serve. Ju­nior play­ers will en­joy the fes­tive sea­son break with tennis re­sum­ing on Fe­bru­ary 4, 2017. A safe and merry Christmas to all.

A grade El­more 2 (4/29) lost to Rochester

5 (4/39) The Rochester 5 team of An­gus Martin, Ben At­ley, Grant Fuller and Zara My­ers had a great start in the dou­bles against El­more 5’s James and Sam Trewick, Kira Niven and Hay­den Trewick win­ning 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 and 6-4.

Rochy se­cured an 11-game lead but El­more never gave up with four sin­gles matches still to play.

Trewick de­feated Martin 6-3, Trewick won in tie-break against At­ley, Niven un­for­tu­nately lost 0-6 to the ac­cu­rate Fuller and Trewick de­feated My­ers 6-3. Col­binab­bin 2 (8/48) de­feated

Echuca South 4 (0/18) The Col­binab­bin 2 all boy team of Sam and Char­lie Ryan, Cooper and Hugh Hamil­ton and Liam Fran­cis were too classy for the Echuca South 4 team of Aaron Loader, Gemma God­frey, Phoebe Poole and Jo­hanna Ritchie.

Hugh Hamil­ton only played two sets for the morn­ing and never dropped a game with the help from Fran­cis in the sec­ond dou­bles.

Great to see three play­ers back it up and play in the af­ter­noon in Sec­tion 2A with Matty Ryan ap­pre­ci­at­ing the young legs chas­ing down the balls.

B grade Rochester 10 (2/22) lost to Ro

ch­ester 8 (4/28) Rochester 10’s Ella Ker­lin, Dahla By­wa­ters, Tanzin My­ers and Macy By­wa­ters ral­lied hard against Rochy 8’s team of Stella Martin, Char­lie Palmer, Matt Blow, El­lie Moroney and Kait­lyn Joyce.

Ker­lin was part of the only two win­ning sets for Rochy 10 be­fore be­ing poached to play for the Grasshop­pers in the af­ter­noon. Rochester 12 (2/25) lost to LBU 9

(4/27) Rochester 12’s Waugh and Gra­cyn Ge­orge, Leila Palmer, Charlee Roul­ston and Koby Cowan played some great shots through­out the morn­ing but LBU’s Ed­ward Brent­nall, Jake Rorke, Bowden Stone and Milly Haines just had the edge on the day win­ning by 2 games. Rochester 9 (5/33) de­feated Col

bin­ab­bin 3 (1/15) Rochy 9’s Teal and Reed Hock­ing, Max Ward and To­bie Woodfine had a fan­tas­tic hit out against Colbo 3’s Jasper McAr­dle, Jack Ar­nell, Eli­jah and Hamish Wal­lace but the end score didn’t re­flect the ral­lies and tennis played. El­more 3 (3/23) lost to Rochester

13 (3/29) El­more 3’s Clara Holm­berg, Peter John­son and Lucy Holm­berg just fell short by three games af­ter high in­ten­sity tennis against top team Rochy 13’s Will Leahy, Jayvier Hork­ings, Elise and Te­gan Wil­liams and Nikita Brian. Col­binab­bin 4 (2/20) lost to LBU

8 (4/29) Colbo 4’s Henry Rath­jen, So­phie McLean and Jude Ryan tried to use home court ad­van­tage, play­ing some trick shots but LBU 8’s Sarah and Chelsea Jones, Telia Rorke and Ti­harn Dun­can rel­ished the hard court bounce win­ning the morn­ing by nine. Echuca South 5 (1/19) lost to

Rochester 11 (5/34) South 5’s Der­mot and Archer Ritchie, Grace Davis, Rudy Webb and Os­car Palmer played some great tennis but Rochester 11’s Bri­die Baker, Dar­bie Wile­man, Alex and Mon­ica In­gram had all the re­turns, win­ning by 15.

Ju­nior C Grade Rochester 14 (5/32) de­feated Col

bin­ab­bin 5 (1/21) Rochy 14’s Hugh Ker­lin, Blake Roul­ston, Hunter Wile­man, Natalie and Steph Moon were all strings hit­ting some rip­per shots to win by 11 games over Colbo 5’s Jes­sica McLean, Grace and Anita Bar­low, Josh, Harper and Zahley Fran­cis who fought hard for ev­ery point. Rochester 16 (5/31) de­feated Ro

ch­ester 17 (1/20) Rochester 16’s Noah and Sadie Martin, Olivia McInnes, Har­ri­son Forster and De­nis Caine cre­ated some great win­ning shots against Rochester 17’s Zack Wile­man wear­ing match­ing socks and his new tennis bag looked the part with team mates, Maddy Pearse, Tara At­ley and Tem­pest Ge­orge.

The team all re­turned well, but Rochy 16 were too good on the day. El­more 4 (3/27) lost to Rochester

15 (3/29) El­more 4’s Emily Jones, Ju­lia Ro­saia, Rhylee Chap­man and Xavier Worme lost in a nail bit­ing fin­ish against Rochy 15’s Char­lie Pea­cock, Pat­ton Tiller, Noah O’Sul­li­van, Jas­min Moroney and Sum­mer Pain.


Rochester (9/94) de­feated Echuca

Bull­dogs (5/70) IN THE spirit of tennis both Rochester and Lock­ing­ton-Ba­mawm United supplied Josh Lee and Faye Bail to help the de­pleted Echuca Bull­dogs who suf­fered the ab­sence of the Gled­hill Fam­ily.

Con­nor Gled­hill and Jack In­gram got the tennis started and were put to the test by stal­warts of serve and vol­ley tennis Todd Char­nas and Roger Kirch­hofer, but the young boys pre­vailed 8-6.

Jay­cob Ding­wall and El­liott Tay­lor hit freely to win 8-2 against Ed­die McGre­gor and Josh Lee.

Todd Woodfine and Tay­lor joined forces to de­feat Kirch­hofer-Lee in a great hit out 8-4.

In the sin­gles Gled­hill, frus­trated with his ex­e­cu­tion at times, had noth­ing to worry about seal­ing the deal at 6-3 against Char­nas, while Ding­wall won 6-1 against McGre­gor.

In the women’s, Kate Lee and Rach Ma­jor stepped it up a notch to win 8-5 against Rox­anne Dick­ett and Anne Hig­gins.

Sarah In­gram and Leisa Evans were made to bat­tle each point, but went down a break against Nadya Jef­feries and Faye Bail 6-8.

Ma­jor-Evans lost a tie-break in a nail bit­ing fin­ish against Hig­gins-Bail.

In the sin­gles, Lee was out-classed by Dick­ett’s big serve and ac­cu­rate re­turns 1-6 while In­gram played a marathon tie-break which Jef­feries scraped over the line to win.

Rochy were 13 games ad­vanced by the mixed.

Lee had Gled­hill work­ing over­time in the mixed on the net un­til a sneaky drop shot had Char­nas pull up a lit­tle gin­gerly, even­tu­ally con­ced­ing at 8-4 with Dick­ett.

It was go­ing to be a long trip home for Char­nas in his re­cov­ery.

Ding­wall-Ma­jor ral­lied ev­ery­thing back to win 8-2 against McGre­gorJ­ef­feries while Woodfine-Evans got up in the tie-break against Kirch­hofer­Hig­gins in a great set of cat and mouse.

Jack and Sarah In­gram were un­able to hold on in the tie-break against LeeBail who showed some fine court cov­er­age.

Tennis will re­sume Jan­uary 14 when Rochy host top team Echuca South.

Jay­cob Ding­wall in ac­tion at the week­end.

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