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SIMONE Pearce has achieved a lot of firsts this year.

She made his­tory in the world of dres­sage as the first Aus­tralian rider to qual­ify horses in the fi­nals of two world cham­pi­onship di­vi­sions.

At the same time she was the first Aus­tralian to win a qual­i­fy­ing fi­nal and the first rider to score a 10 on two horses at the event.

Hail­ing from the small town of Ba­mawm, Pearce started rid­ing at Rochester Pony Club at three-year­sold.

At 11, she be­gan rid­ing at the newly formed Ba­mawm Ex­ten­sion Pony Club be­fore leav­ing at the age of 16 to fo­cus on her dres­sage.

In 2016, she be­came just the sec­ond Aus­tralian in his­tory to qual­ify for a


Elim­i­na­tion fi­nals

Se­niors Sey­mour .............. 4.4, 6.7, 13.13, 19.17 (131) Be­nalla ................. 4.3, 8.5, 10. 5, 14. 5 ( 89)

GOALS, Sey­mour: J. An­der­son 6, H. Robert­son 2, B. Gren­fell 2, B. Clifton 2, R. Clarke 2, R. Scopel 2, J. Cole, J. Fal­cone, J. Mur­phy, Be­nalla: J. Ban­nis­ter 6, L. Thomp­son 5, B. Web­ster 2, S. Mar­tyn.

BEST, Sey­mour: B. Clifton, J. Hock­ley, J. An­der­son, B. Gren­fell, J. Cole, M. Waite. Be­nalla: S. Mar­tyn, J. Mar­tyn, J. Mar­tiniello, C. Mor­ri­son, L. Thomp­son, N. Hill. Kyabram .................. 3.4, 5.6, 12.9, 14.12 (96) Shep­par­ton.............. 1.2, 5.4, 6.6, 10. 8 (68)

GOALS, Kyabram: K. Mueller 7, K. Pet­tifer 3, L. Og­den 2, B. Man­gan, R. Clark. Shep­par­ton: L. Smith 2, J. Lloyd 2, D. Stret­ton 2, H. Boyd, M. Brett, M. Ryan, R. His­cock.

BEST, Kyabram: L. Og­den, K. Mueller, S. Shel­don, J. Reeves, L. Bar­rett, R. Clark. Shep­par­ton: D. Stret­ton, N. Rokahr, M. Brett, J. War­dle, E. Lin­don, L. Smith.

Re­serves Shepp United ............ 3.2, 6.6, 10.7, 12.9 (81) Rochester .................. 5.3, 7.4, 8.4, 9.4 (58)

GOALS, Shepp United: R. Mid­dle­ton 3, R. Wenske 2, S. Gille­spie, J. Turner, A. Fichera, M. Thomas, A. Fiore, S. Bux­ton, J. Li­mosani, Rochester: J. Mo­ran 5, J. Vre­den­burg, S. fi­nal af­ter fin­ish­ing 11th with Fine Time in the five-year-old cham­pi­onship.

This year, at age 26, she made the world six-year-old cham­pi­onship fi­nal hav­ing placed first in the qual­i­fy­ing round on Au­gust 4 rid­ing Feodoro.

The 2017 Euro­pean World Breed­ing Dres­sage Cham­pi­onships for Young Horses was held in Ermelo, Nether­lands, and had 43 start­ing com­bi­na­tions rep­re­sent­ing 20 coun­tries in the pre­lim­i­nary com­pe­ti­tion.

Feodoro’s score of 9.02 points, in­clud­ing 10 for the walk — the only max­i­mum mark for the en­tire six-yearold pre­lim­i­nary com­pe­ti­tion — was also the best young horse re­sult achieved by an Aus­tralian rider in the event’s his­tory. Fraw­ley, E. Tay­lor, T. Bubb.

BEST, Sheppn United: B. Pe­dretti, R. Mid­dle­ton, S. Nash, T. McCluskey, R. Scott, J. Turner. Rochester: B. McMa­hon, J. Mo­ran, R. Byrne, J. Vre­den­burg, R. Ee­les, M. Haitsma. Euroa........................ 3.2, 4.5, 7. 8, 10.12 (72) Shep­par­ton .............. 2.5, 4.7, 7.12, 8.14 (62)

GOALS, Euroa: B. Cun­ning­ham 3, J. Tremellen 2, J. McKer­nan, J. Smith, C. Bam­ford, S. Pat­ten, R. Wil­son, Shep­par­ton: M. Heg­gart 3, A. Egan 2, R. Lau, N. Keat­ing, L. Minogue.

BEST, Euroa: J. Smith, N. John­son, C. Bam­ford, C. Hoare, B. Cun­ning­ham, N. Brodie. Shep­par­ton: L. Minogue, T. Simkin, D. Way­man, J. Thom­son, A. Philipps, N. Berry.

Un­der-18 Shep­par­ton .............. 4.3, 8.6, 10.7, 13.11 (89) Tatura ....................... 1.1, 2.4, 2.5, 4. 8 (32)

GOALS, Shep­par­ton: B. Fraser 4, J. Larkin 3, J. Wil­son 2, A. Poppa, J. Na­tion, J. Trewin, J. McGre­gor 1. Tatura: C. Hill, C. Min­u­toli, Z. Samkakai, T. Cas­tle.

BEST, Shep­par­ton: J. Larkin, T. Bell, S. Small, H. Ing­ham, L. Ash, B. Fraser. Tatura: A. Moor, M. Richards, M. Far­ley, J. Arm­strong, C. Min­u­toli, C. Eyles. Shepp United............. 2.1, 4.7, 7.7, 10.12 (72) Kyabram..................... 1.4, 5.5, 7.6, 8.10 (58)

GOALS, Shepp United: J. Nor­man 3, E. Adams 2, J. Kez­erle, J. Chal­craft, J. Serra, K. Or­chard, A. Brit­ten, Kyabram: W. McDonell 3, C. McCarthy 2, M. Ge­nio 2, K. Fitzger­ald.

BEST, Shepp United: J. Nor­man, J. Caia, M.

Prior to which she rode Casablanca to fourth place in the five-year-old qual­i­fy­ing round.

The top 12 from each qual­i­fier go through to the fi­nals which were held on Au­gust 6.

Pearce fin­ished fourth over­all in the five-year-old cham­pi­onship with a score of 90.0 and sev­enth in the sixyear-old cham­pi­onship (86.4).

She was ranked 315th in the FEI world in­di­vid­ual dres­sage rank­ing fol­low­ing her most re­cent results. . Both Pearce’s par­ents had com­peted at a na­tional level and her mother Robyn had been coach­ing rid­ers in the area for sev­eral years.

She said Pearce had been rid­ing horses since the mo­ment she hit the McGrath, L. Fair­less, S. McIn­neny, A. Brit­ten. Kyabram: M. Hedges, C. Ryan, N. Dar­ling, W. McDonell, B. McLay, M. Price. Sun­day Se­niors Rochester ................ 3.5, 6.8, 7.10, 13.14 (92) Euroa.............................. 3.2, 5.4, 5.6, 7.8 (50)

GOALS, Rochester: not avail­able. Euroa: N. Gilliland 2, M. Ivill, B. Glee­son, J. Hayes, R. Bail, J. Glee­son.

BEST, Rochester: not avail­able. Euroa: M. Ivill, W. McFar­lane, M. Var­ley, A. Tar­rant, N. Gilliland, R. Bail.

Re­serves Kyabram......................... 3.3, 5.3, 6.3, 7.5 (47) Mans­field ....................... 1.0, 2.1, 4.2, 4.4 (28)

GOALS, Kyabram: P. New­man 3, J. Pell, T. Curnow, K. Hal­li­well, J. Wild, Mans­field: T. Gibbs 2, J. Rek­ers, P. Marks.

BEST, Kyabram: T. Curnow, L. Dil­lon, M. Pryde, Z. Nor­ris, S. Vick, A. Lo­vi­son. Mans­field: G. Tay­lor, P. Marks, J. Rek­ers, M. Martin, M. Storer, J. Mahoney.

Un­der-18 Rochester ...................... 2.3, 5.5, 6.6, 8.7 (55) Be­nalla ........................... 0.2, 2.4, 6.6, 6.8 (44)

GOALS, Rochester: J. Flight 3, B. Wile­man, A. Hen­der­son, N. Vre­den­burg, R. Oog­jes, C. Ward 1. Be­nalla: J. Dunne 4, P. Warner 2.

BEST, Rochester: C. Ward, M. Kel­lett, J. At­ley, D. Oaff, H. McPhee, R. Coghill. Be­nalla: P. Warner, R. John­son, J. Dunne, M. O’Brien, P. Knox, B. Ue­ber­gang. ground and learnt how to ride mostly from watch­ing and im­i­tat­ing.

She rep­re­sented Lock­ing­ton Pri­mary School at the in­ter­school cham­pi­onships for horse rid­ing in the ear­li­est stages of her school­ing and won over­all. THE ROCHESTER Tigers Cricket Club is gear­ing up for a big sum­mer of cricket with its ju­nior train­ing start­ing next week.

Train­ing will start at 4pm on Tues­day, Septem­ber 12, at Win­dridge Oval.


Pre­lim­i­nary fi­nals

Se­niors Nth Bendigo .......... 3.3, 7.11, 9.12, 12.16 (88) Huntly..................... 4.1, 5. 1, 7. 3, 8. 4 (52)

GOALS, Nth Bendigo: A. Craig 2, S. Mor­ris 2, S. Barnes 2, T. Metherell, J. Find­lay, A. Shipard, N. Water­son, R. Ford, R. Al­ford. Huntly: R. Sem­mel 2, A. Hol­land, J. Cowl­ing, R. Sut­ton, H. Whit­tle, J. Green­wood, C. Glee­son.

BEST, Nth Bendigo: N. Water­son, D. Mor­ris, S. De­meo, J. McKay, J. Find­lay, A. Shipard. Huntly: J. Da­ley, S. Kairn, T. Dav­i­son, R. Cul­venor, J. Cordy, M. Jef­fries.

Re­serves Nth Bendigo ................ 1.4, 5.6, 6.9, 9.13 (67) Col­binab­bin ................. 2.0, 5.0, 6.4, 7. 6 (48)

GOALS, Nth Bendigo: M. Rorke 3, P. Prime 2,

She went on to com­pete again for Rochester High School be­fore mov­ing to St Joseph’s Col­lege Echuca in year nine.

At seven-years-old she de­cided she would ride on the big­gest world stage one day hav­ing said rid­ing at the in­ter­school cham­pi­onships was ‘‘like rid­ing at the Olympics, only for kids’’.

She has moved all over Europe to reach her goals, leav­ing be­hind close friends and her job each time.

But it was worth it as she launched on to the se­nior world dres­sage scene to now ride a Grand Prix level dres­sage horse to even­tu­ally com­pete at the Olympics against the best rid­ers in the world.

All play­ers from un­der 12s, 14s and 16s are en­cour­aged to come along for train­ings.

Se­nior train­ings on Tues­day and Thurs­day nights also start this week start­ing from 5pm tonight (Septem­ber 5). A. Knight, T. Dev­ereaux, J. Robert­son, S. Giri. Col­binab­bin: W. Hayes 3, B. Ker­lin 2, R. Ste­wart, P. Mor­gan.

BEST, Nth Bendigo: S. Giri, T. Dev­ereaux, B. Le­ferve, B. Win­grave, M. Thomas, P. Prime. Col­bibab­bin: G. Mc Mur­trie, A. Van Ruiswyk, D. O’Brien, C. Guinane, I. Fuller, L. Vale.

Un­der-17 L-Gun­bower............... 0.1, 2.4, 3. 4, 6. 9 (45) Nth Bendigo .............. 0.4, 0.6, 2.10, 4.11 (35)

GOALS, Leitchville-Gun­bower: M. McEwen 2, L. Keath, J. Br­ere­ton, L. Ho­gan, B. Hawken. Nth Bendigo: J. Bourke, C. Etheredge, T. Ga­han, K. Hod­son.

BEST, Leitchville-Gun­bower: L. Sieben, P. Bax­ter, B. Cooke, B. Gel­letly, J. Hawken, M. McEwen. Nth Bendigo: M. Lun­ney, T. Ga­han, M. Tha­lasi­nos, M. Win­grave, T. Hawker, B. Hodgskiss.

Simone Pearce on Feodoro.

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