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Grand fi­nals, Satur­day

Se­niors L- Gun­bower ..... 3.1, 7.10, 11.13, 15.18 (108) Nth Bendigo ...... 2.3, 5. 6, 9. 7, 12.10 ( 82)

GOALS, Leitchville-Gun­bower: M. Perri 6, D. Coates 4, T. Lin­coln 2, L. Se­v­ior, M. Bruns, D. Couwen­berg. Nth Bendigo: R. Ford 4, B. Herd­man 3, A. Craig, A. Craig, Z. Al­ford, S. Barnes, S. De­meo.

BEST, Leitchville-Gun­bower: T. Lin­coln, J.


McEwen, D. Coates, M. Perri, M. Lad­son, J. Done­hue. Nth Bendigo: J. Find­lay, B. Herd­man, R. Gow, J. Ford, J. McKay, J. Hel­man.

Re­serves Nth Bendigo .............. 2.2, 4.5, 4. 8, 9.11 (65) White Hills ................. 1.2, 1.6, 3.10, 5.11 (41) GOALS, Nth Bendigo: A. Knight 2, B. Oates 2, M. Rorke 2, J. Cooper, S. Giri, P. Prime. White Hills: N. Rice 2, D. McIn­tosh, D. Bowles, B. Vaughan-Spruce.

BEST, Nth Bendigo: B. Thom­son, M. Tha­lasi­nos, S. Egan, D. Reid, S. Kel­low, M. Rorke. White Hills: D. Bowles, J. Mol­loy, L. Coates, J. Begg, D. McIn­tosh, B. Vaugh­anSpruce.

Un­der-17 L-Gun­bower............... 0.3, 1.7, 3.12, 8.12 (60) LBU ............................ 1.5, 2.6, 4. 6, 5. 9 (39)

GOALS, Leitchville-Gun­bower: M. McEwen 2, J. Hawken 2, J. Br­ere­ton, B. Hawken, D. El­liott, T. Dun­can. LBU: J. Med­ina 2, C. Lind, W. Press­nell, T. Sin­clair.

BEST, Leitchville-Gun­bower: P. Bax­ter, B. Cooke, B. Gel­letly, L. Sieben, J. Hawken, M. McEwen. LBU: S. Eade, J. Med­ina, C. Hinks, D. Keath, R. Webb, R. Bes­sell. JEAN GILSENSEN would like to ex­tend her congratulations to her great-grand­daugh­ters Re­gan, 14, and Brook­lyn, 10, Sparkes of El­more Net­ball Club.

Both the girls have been play­ing for the club and Jean was proud of them both and their net­ball.

Re­gan was awarded this year’s Heathcote and Dis­trict Net­ball League best and fairest in the un­der 15s and Brook­lyn plays in the pri­mary grade.

Keep up the good work.

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