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ROCHESTER has con­tin­ued its strong start to the tennis sea­son, claim­ing two wins in as many games in sec­tion one of the Cam­paspe Tennis As­so­ci­a­tion.

These two wins, as well as a fur­ther win in sec­tion two, were part of a big day that saw Rochester claim nine wins across the six di­vi­sions of the com­pe­ti­tion.

The day wasn’t as strong for LBU, claim­ing four wins, in­clud­ing one in sec­tion one against Echuca South.

LBU and Rochester also claimed wins in the GMLTA. Sec­tion 1 Rochester 1 (7 sets, 76 games) def. Echuca South 3 (6 sets, 66 games J. Ding­wall and J. Crock­ett def. D. Poole and H. Poole 8-3, J. Ding­wall def. D. Poole 7-5, Z. Holm­berg and C. Hoop­pell lost to B. Pot­ter and T. God­frey 2-8, B. Letcher and B. McCarty lost to J. Quinn and B. Wright 2-8, N. Mcarty and B. Holy def. R. Keil and A. Durham 8-1, J. Ding­wall and B. Letcher lost to D. Poole and J. Quinn 7-8, Z. Holm­berg and N. Mcarty lost to B. Pot­ter and R. Keil 5-8, C. Hoop­pell and B. Mcarty def. T. God­frey and H. Poole 3-8, J. Crock­ett and B. Holy def. B. Wright and A. Durham 8-1, C. Hoop­pell and J. Crock­ett def. T. God­frey and B. Wright 8-6, B. McCarty and B. Holy def. H. Poole and A. Durham 8-2, Z. Holm­berg def. B. Pot­ter 6-0. LBU 1 (7 sets, 71 games) def. Echuca South 2 (6 sets, 71 games) M. Bon­gio­vanni and M. Stone lost to S. Eish­old and K. Mulc­ahy 2-8, M. Bon­gio­vanni lost to S. Eish­old 2-6, J. Howlett and A. Todd lost to L. Mol­luso and H. Trewick 2-8, B. Kel­lett and M. Brent­nall def. J. Guiney and S. Mulc­ahy 8-5, T. Ba­con and M. Howlett def. J Guiney and L. Eish­old 8-1, M. Bon­gio­vanni and B. Kel­lett lost to S. Eish­old and J. Guiney 3-8, J. Howlett and T. Ba­con def. L. Mol­luso and P. Mulc­ahy 8-4, B. Kel­lett and T. Ba­con def. J. Guiney and P. Mulc­ahy 8-4, A. Todd and M. Stone def. H. Trewick and K. Mulc­ahy 8-5, M. Brent­nall and M. Howlett def. L. Eish­old and S. Mulc­ahy 8-4, A. Todd and M. Brent­nall def. H. Trewick and L. Eish­old 8-4, M. Stone and M. Howlett lost to K. Mulc­ahy and S. Mulc­ahy 6-8, J. Howlett lost to L. Mol­luso 0-6. Rochester 2 (7 sets, 81 games) def. Echuca Lawn 1 (6 sets, 76 games) G. Tiller and L. Evans lost to R. More and S. Fayle 5-8, J. Coghill lost to R. More 6-7, J. Coghill and E. In­gram def. H. Melville and S. Moon, N. Hock­ing and L. Wil­liams lost to C. Turner and M. Moss 7-8, R. Holm­berg and A. In­gram def. R. Marks and E. Can­ning 8-4, J. Coghill and G. Tiller lost to R. More and C. Turner 3-8, R. Holm­berg and N. Hock­ing lost to H. Melville and R. Marks 4-8, G. Tiller and N. Hock­ing def. C. Turner and R. Marks 8-5, L. Evans and E. In­gram def. S. Moon and S. Faye 8-6, L. Wil­liams and A. In­gram def. M. Miles and E. Can­ning 8-3, L. Evans and L. Wil­liams def. S. Moon and M. Moss 8-2, E. In­gram and A. In­gram def. S. Fayle and E. Can­ning 8-4, R. Holm­berg lost to H. Melville 0-6. Sec­tion 2 Rochester 4 (10 sets, 70 games) def. Rich River 2 (3 sets, 44 games) R. Fiedler and R. Baker def. M. Ge­orge and C. Pow­ell 6-2, J. Baker def. M. Ge­orge 6-1, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler lost to B. Sud­holz and J. Sud­holz 4-6, J. Baker and H. Hock­ing lost to E. Spiers and M. Spiers 4-6, J. hock­ing and B. Baker def. L. Pitts and S. Og­den 6-1, J. Baker and R. Fiedler def. B. Sud­holz and C. Dun­stan 6-2, B. Fiedler and J. Hock­ing def. E. Spiers and J. Ho­gan 7-6, R. Fiedler and J. Hock­ing def. C. Dun­stan and J. Ho­gan 6-1, C. Fiedler and H. hock­ing lost to J. Sud­holz and J. Ho­gan 0-6, B. Baker and R. Baker def. C. Pow­ell and S. Og­den 6-3, C. Fiedler and B. Baker def. J. Sud­holz and C. Pow­ell 7-5, H. Hock­ing and R. Baker def. M. Spiers and S. Og­den 6-3, B. Fiedler and L. Pitts 6-2. El­more 1 (8 sets, 72 games) def. Rochester 3 (5 sets, 60 games) J. Tobin and R. John­son def. C. Mur­ray and K. Geb­bie 7-5, J. Tobin def D. Pain 6-1, S. Rath­jen and J. DeMaria lost to R. Else and V. Snelling 2-6, K. Ba­con and A. Ro­saia lost to D. Pain and A. Pain 5-7, R. McCaskie and T. Pratt def. W. Pea­cock and J. McCormick 6-2, J. Tobin and K. Ba­con def. D. Pain and R. Else 6-4, S. Rath­jen and B. Niven def. C. Mur­ray and W. Pea­cock 6-1, R. McCaskie and B. Niven lost to R. Else and W. Pea­cock 5-7, R. John­son and T. Pratt def. K. Geb­bie and V. Snelling 7-6, J. DeMaria and A. Ro­saia def. A. Pain and J. McCormick 6-3, R. John­son and J. DeMaria lost to K. Geb­bie and A. Pain 5-7, T. Pratt and A. Ro­saia def. V. Snelling and J. McCormick 6-4, S. Rath­jen lost to C. Mur­ray 5-7. Col­binab­bin 1 (13 sets, 79 games) def. LBU 2 (0 sets, 23 games) H. Hamil­ton and L. Knight def. M. Jones and B. Howlett 6-2, H. Hamil­ton def. M. Jones 6-3, C. Hamil­ton and M. Ryan def. L. Ross and R. Eade 6-0, C. Ryan and T. Rath­jen def. B. Hum­bert and K. Moroney 6-1, S. Ryan and M. Mor­gan def. C. Gar­diner and K. Dun­can 6-4, H. Hamil­ton and C. Ryan def. M. Jones and B. Hum­bert 6-2, C. Hamil­ton and S. Ryan def. L. Ross and C. Gar­diner 6-1, C. Ryan and S. Ryan def. B. Hum­bert and C. Gar­diner 6-2, M. Ryan and L. Knight def. B. Howlett and K. Moroney 7-5, T. Rath­jen and M. Mor­gan def. R. Eade and K. Dun­can 6-1, M. Ryan and T. Rath­jen def. B. Howlett and R. Eade 6-2, L. Knight and M. Mor­gan def. K. Moroney and K. Dun­can 6-0, C. Hamil­ton def. L. Ross 6-0. Ju­nior A LBU 4 (6 sets, 43 games) def. Rochester 7 (2 sets, 20 games) LBU 3 (7 sets, 46 games) def. Echuca South 4 (1 set, 23 games) Rochester 5 (5 sets, 40 games) def. Rochester 6 (3 sets, 30 games) Bye: Echuca South 5 Ju­nior B Cam­paspe Rochester 10 (6 sets, 36 games) def. El­more 2 (0 sets, 17 games) Echuca South 6 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 5 (0 stes, 14 games) Rochester 8 (3 sets, 29 games) def. Echuca South 7 (3 sets, 20 games) Rochester 9 (5 sets, 35 games) def. Colin­ab­bin 2 (1 set, 21 games) Bye: Echuca Lawn 2 Ju­nior B Mur­ray Rochester 11 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Rochester 13 (2 sets, 24 games) Rochester 12 (5 sets, 35 games) def. LBU 7 (1 set, 23 games) Echuca South 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 6 (0 sets, 13 games) Ju­nior C LBU 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 5 games) Rochester 15 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Rich River 4 (2 sets, 25 games) Echuca Lawn 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 16 (0 sets, 13 games) Rochester 14 (4 sets, 31 games) def. El­more 3 (2 sets, 22 games)


GM3W LBU (7 sets, 76 games) def. Kyabram Bombers (6 sets, 64 games) J. Mu­nie def. D. Say­well 6-4, G. Hum­bert lost to J. Liver­sidge 1-6, J. Mundie and I. Haines def. D. Say­well and B. Nor­ton 8-3, G. Hum­bert and S. New­ton lost to J. Liver­sidge and L. Holden 4-8, I. Haines and S. New­ton lost to B. Nor­ton and L. Holden 1-8, K. Condliffe and N. Ba­con lost to M. Porch and A. Py­croft 5-8, L. Toohey and M. Haines def. L. Say­well and T. Leahy 8-1, K. Condliffe and L. Toohey lost to M. Porch and L. Say­well 5-8, N. Ba­con and M. Haines def. A. Py­croft and T. Leahy 8-2, J. Mun­dine and K. Condliffe def. S. Say­well and M. Porch 8-3, G. Hum­bert and N. Ba­con def. L. Holden and A. Py­croft 8-2, S. New­ton and L. Toohey def. B. Nor­ton and T. Leahy, I. Haines and M. Haines lost to J. Liver­sidge and L. Say­well 6-8. Rochester (11 sets, 95 games) def. Kyabram Red­backs (3 sets, 60 games) J. Ding­wall def. M. Cox 6-2, E. Tay­lor def. S. McCon­nell 6-3, S. In­gram lost to E. Cox 4-6, E. In­gram lost to M. Hooper 5-6, J. Ding­wall and J. In­gram def. M. Cox and T. Goode 8-5, E. Tay­lor and C. Gled­hill def. S. McCon­nell and J. Wearne 8-6, J. In­gram and C. Gled­hill def. T. Goode and J. Wearne 8-3, S. In­gram and R. Ma­jor lost to E. Cox and S. Ben­nett 2-8, E. In­gram and K. Lee def. M. Hooper and L. Ben­nett 8-6, R. Ma­jor and K. Lee def. S. Ben­nett and L. Ben­nett 8-2, J. Ding­wall and S. In­gram def. T. Goode and S. Ben­nett 8-6, C. Gled­hill and R. Ma­jor def. M. Cox and E. Cox 8-2, J. In­gram and E. In­gram def. J. Wearne and M. Hooper 8-2, E. Tay­lor and K. Lee def. S. McCon­nell and L. Ben­nett 8-3.

Rochy’s Zack Holm­berg plays a fore­hand against Echuca South.

Photo: Luke He­mer.

Jay­cob Ding­wall in ac­tion for Rochester.

Rochester’s Jenny Crock­ett.

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